Genshin Impact leak shows Inazuma's unfinished map from the test version

(Image via Mihoyo)
(Image via Mihoyo)

Genshin Impact players may have just caught their first glimpse of Inazuma's islands in-game through some insane leaks from the community.

Inazuma has been one of the most popular regions since the closed beta of Genshin Impact, and it has finally been officially announced as of update 1.5. Players who have been waiting patiently for the release of this new region can now get a sneak peek at some of the early structures and unfinished maps from the test version.

Genshin Impact leaks: Unfinished Inazuma structures and maps

These new Genshin Impact leaks come from a variety of sources, including a video in which a player utilizes glitches to fly across the ocean to reach some unfinished maps. Players can check out all of these sources here, and hopefully this will inspire hope for Inazuma's release.

Genshin Impact player flies to Inazuma:


In this video, the player, Project Piyik, uses Xiao and some crafty flying glitches to reach far off into the ocean of Genshin Impact and they eventually reach some conspicuously placed islands. These islands all are low texture and have very little detail, but they are too specifically placed to be random.

This is likely to be the placeholder location for some of the early areas in Inazuma, and the fact that it is in the game already does mean that the chances of Inazuma releasing soon are high.

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Genshin Impact leaks: Unfinished Inazuma structures

In this video by Lumie_Lumie, several Inazuman structures are shown as models, along with what appears to be a map of the region. These structures are huge, and they make exploring the region seem exciting.

Some of these structures may also have underground passageways if the textures are anything to go by, though this is still very early stuff that has been leaked. These locations will most likely be story-significant, so players who enjoy the story have a lot to look forward to.

This has also been confirmed to be the same island from an old image that showed the future of the Genshin Impact map, so that map may continue to be accurate in the future. This is big news for Genshin Impact fans, as that map displayed a huge world to explore.

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These leaks show off an exciting look at Inazuma, and players won't have to wait that much longer to have their first real journey to the region.

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