Genshin Impact leaked skin for Jean to be locked behind paywall, according to new leaks

(Image via Project Celestia )
(Image via Project Celestia )
Tariq Hassan

Genshin Impact players who have been excited about skins may be disappointed to hear that the new leaked customization option for Jean will be locked behind a paywall. Players will not be able to unlock this skin through in-game progression, but rather by purchasing it with Genesis Crystals. While the price has not yet been decided, leakers estimate that players will be charged around 20 dollars for this upcoming cosmetic. Players can learn more about these leaks here and whether they will be receiving a discount on this new skin.

Genshin Impact: Jean cosmetic to cost Genesis Crystals according to leak

According to Genshin Report, Jean's recently leaked Sea Breeze Dandelion skin has to be purchased with money. Players will need to pay for Genesis Crystals, the paid currency in Genshin Impact, to be able to receive this skin, and while the price is uncertain, leakers predict that it will be around $20. Using Genesis Crystals for cosmetics is unprecedented in Genshin Impact, as previously they have only been used to purchase bundles in the in-game store, or to turn them into Primogems for wishing on banners.

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Apparently, there will be a discount running during the 1.6 event in Genshin Impact, allowing players to obtain this skin at a lower price. This will be helpful for players who don't intend on spending a lot of money on Genshin Impact but are big fans of Jean. Many fans and players might be disappointed by the large price tag, so purchasing it during this discount will be a great way to save money.

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More about Jean's upcoming cosmetic in Genshin Impact:

Jean's new cosmetics come as part of the Archipelago Islands expansion to Genshin Impact, and as that update has to do with the summer, it fittingly places Jean in summer attire for the beach. Jean received this outfit as a joint gift from many of Mondstadt's residents, all of whom want her to get some rest and relax during the new season. Players will most likely be able to get their hands on this skin during the second half of the 1.6 update, as the first half will deal with the Ludi Harpastum event. Players hopefully won't have to wait much longer to get more information about this upcoming cosmetic.

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Jean is a great character in Genshin Impact, and this skin is likely to be a popular purchase for many players. This will be the first paid character cosmetic in Genshin Impact, making it a big change for the game moving forward.

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