Genshin Impact leaks: Inazuma map, Yoimiya, and Raiden Shogun aka Electro Archon Baal revealed

Genshin Impact leaks reveal Baal’s character design and more about Inazuma (image via Lumie)
Genshin Impact leaks reveal Baal’s character design and more about Inazuma (image via Lumie)

Genshin Impact will soon introduce the Inazuma nation, and leaks have now revealed several Inazuma characters, as well as the region’s map.

As always, leakers are revealing details about the upcoming content. The full Inazuma map will likely not arrive in 1.6, nor will any Inazuma character besides Kazuha. Regardless, that hasn’t stopped leakers from finding the information.

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Genshin Impact leaks reveal the mysterious Raiden Shogun, Baal

Genshin Impact leaks reveal Baal’s character design

Baal, the Electro Archon, rules over Inazuma and carries the title of Raiden Shogun. Players expect Baal to be a playable character in the future of Genshin Impact.

Recently, a reputable Genshin Impact leaker and fan artist posted Baal’s character design.

This reveal supports an earlier prediction of Baal’s design, similar in almost every aspect besides hairstyle.

The archon's hair seems to be especially important to their designs. Specifically, all of the archons’ hair color reflects their element. Just as Venti’s hair is green and Zhongli’s is brown, Baal’s hair is purple, echoing the Electro element.

As some players have noticed, the two playable archons in Genshin Impact sometimes have glowing hair. Players can see this for themselves by paying attention during their burst animations.

As the tweet above suggests, Genshin Impact will probably follow this same hair pattern with Baal.

Aside from her design, leaks haven’t revealed much about Baal’s backstory or abilities. A leaked cutscene does imply that she killed one of Kazuha’s friends. However, nothing much is known about her history as an archon, or why she closed off the nation and persecuted Vision-holders.

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Inazuma maps and Yoimiya details revealed


Rumors have claimed that Yoimiya will be a playable Pyro character in Genshin Impact. These rumors have been alive for a while now, as many players have heard her name among other leaked characters. Now, based on two official posts, it’s practically confirmed that she will join the game.

Genshin Impact recently tweeted about the Inazuma character, as well as several others that players expect to summon. The posts reveal Yoimiya’s character design and confirm that she’s a pyrotechnician who owns Naganohara Fireworks.

These tweets are Yoimiya's first official reveal. The character design is unlikely to change, at least significantly. However, this post doesn’t imply that Yoimiya is coming soon.

Kazuha is already confirmed for the next version, and Klee will likely rerun at the start of the update. Yoimiya will most likely debut in a later version.

Inazuma map

Inazuma, the nation ruled by the Electro Archon, is the next major destination for Travelers. As leaked early-development maps indicate, Inazuma is a nation made of islands. More recently, leaks have provided a clearer map of the nation.

Based on these maps, Inazuma will be the smallest nation so far. There should still be plenty of room for exploration here, as the largest Inazuma island seems about as big as Dragonspine.

Version 1.6 will feature the limited-time Inazuma archipelago, which is separate from this map. However, it’s still uncertain when Genshin Impact will add the full nation.

Gamers in the Genshin Impact community are always hopeful of new land to explore. Whenever the game adds a new region, Travelers have new chests to hunt, quests to complete, and characters to summon.

Of course, players want more than just new content. They want information on that content as well. Thankfully for them, Genshin Impact leakers are active, revealing new Inazuma characters and landscapes.

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