Genshin Impact leaks reveal Kazuha's elemental Skill, Burst, Full name and character model

(Image via Dimbreath)
(Image via Dimbreath)

Genshin Impact leaks have brought players more information about unreleased characters, and now players have some solid information about Inazuma's wandering ronin Kazuha. As a character who players have been very interested in since his original model leaked, Kazuha has had a lot of hype surrounding him and now players can finally see some of his unreleased art, along with more information here. This new Inazuman character will have some powerful supportive abilities and players will definitely want to learn about him soon.

Genshin Impact Leaks: Kazuha's skills, art, and more:

Kazuha's full name is Kaedehara Kazuha, and he is a ronin from Inazuma. A ronin is a samurai without a master, typically one who wanders a country with no particular alliances. This has allowed Kazuha to join Beidou's Crux Fleet, and will probably be the reason that players meet this new character. This may even be how Genshin Impact players begin their journey to Inazuma.

Kazuha is an Anemo 5-star character, who will rely heavily on Elemental Mastery to deal his damage. With his powerful crowd controlling Elemental Skills, Genshin Impact players who need a support for their teams will definitely want to pick Kazuha.

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Kazuha's Elemental Skill

Kazuha's Elemental Skill is called Chihayafuru, and it pulls in enemies before launching Kazuha into the air via a wind current. Kazuha can plunge attack during this wind current and he will create a vortex of wind at his impact zone, dealing AOE Anemo damage. This ability seems like a mix of many of the current Anemo characters, and when combined with a strong Elemental reaction, could deal a ton of damage.

Kazuha's Elemental Burst

Kazuha's Elemental Burst named Manyou no Ittou has him swinging his sword with such force that he summons a storm of wind on the battlefield. This storm lingers and deals constant AOE Anemo damage, but like many of the other Anemo Bursts, Kazuha's Manyou no Ittou can absorb other elements and deal their damage as well. This ability appears to have a massive range and, if built correctly, can surely allow for some huge elemental reaction damage to enemies.

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