Genshin Impact leaks: Story related to Traveler's ancestors to be revealed in Sumeru update

The Traveler and their sibling have some ties to this world (Image via Hoyoverse)
The Traveler and their sibling have some ties to this world (Image via Hoyoverse)

Genshin Impact leaks have revealed some new story details for the upcoming region that may completely change the story of the Traveler. According to this new information, the Traveler's ancestors may have their origins revealed during their travels through Sumeru. This will be the game's next big destination coming during the 3.0 update, and it is said to be a land full of knowledge and scholars.

Sumeru will definitely be the best place for the Traveler to learn about their past, and these leaks seem to be pointing towards some huge revelations during this update.

Genshin Impact leaks suggest that The Traveler's Ancestors will be revealed in Sumeru

[Questionable]-- POTENTIAL SPOILERS --There's some story related to the MC's "Ancestors" during the Sumeru arc-- POTENTIAL SPOILERS --

According to new Genshin Impact leaks, there will be ties to the Traveler's "Ancestors" during the story of Sumeru. This may have several different meanings, as it's unclear whether it will be a direct ancestor of the Traveler who may have lived on Teyvat, or a precursor who also journeyed the world.

As it stands, the lore behind the Traveler is still shrouded in mystery, with not much being revealed during each update.


As the Teyvat Chapter Storyline Preview shows, the Traveler's journey through the world is far from over, and there are several more regions to explore, all likely containing truths about the Traveler's past. If their ancestors really stepped foot in Sumeru years ago, there may be keys left to help them reunite with their lost sibling.

@Ubatcha1 Traveler’s Ancestors? Aren’t they an Outlanders?

In the past, it was assumed that the Traveler and their sibling were outlanders who came to Teyvat from another world, which would mean that their ancestors would be from a different place. However, as time progresses, more information about their backstory is slowly being fed to the community, and it seems like the Travelers have a big connection to the nature of Teyvat itself.

@noodlesintea @CosmicLuna69 @lumie_lumie I hope we can get them as gliders one day. I don’t mind if only Traveler can wear them 😌

Fans of the game's lore will definitely want to keep an eye open as they explore the land of Sumeru and hunt down secrets about the Traveler. Players should take this leak with a grain of salt though, as these rumors are still very early in development. Sumeru will be released in a few months, and gamers will be able to find out more about the upcoming region soon.

Genshin Impact's newest region could hold secrets about the Traveler that are huge revelations in the lore.

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