Genshin Impact pity system: What are the chances of getting Zhongli from the new banner?

(Image via Mihoyo)
(Image via Mihoyo)
Tariq Hassan
Modified 03 May 2021

Genshin Impact players can finally wish for the Geo Archon once more. They may now be wondering what the chances of getting Zhongli are from his returning banner: Gentry of Hermitage.

With only a few weeks left on his banner, players who want Zhongli will definitely want to know the odds and more information on the pity system, as there isn't much time left. Players who want more information on these chances can read about them here.

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Genshin Impact pity system: What are the chances of getting Zhongli?

With the release of this new banner, players once again have the chance to wish for Zhongli, who has been massively buffed since his last appearance in Genshin Impact.

Players who need a powerful support or a strong Geo character should definitely pull for the Geo Archon this time around. Players may be wondering what the odds are for summoning this limited character, and as long as they have enough Primogems, they are in luck.

The pity system in Genshin Impact will guarantee players the banner character that they desire, as long as they are either lucky or persistent.

How pity works in Genshin Impact

(Image via Genshin Impact)
(Image via Genshin Impact)

Players who wish consistently on the banner build up pity, increase the chance for any wish to be a 5-star character. After this pity is met, usually around the 70-90 range, the player will receive a 5-star character, and this character has a 50% chance to be Zhongli.

If players do not receive Zhongli on their first 5-star, they are guaranteed Zhongli on their second. This may seem like a daunting task for players who are F2P, but that shows the importance of managing pity in Genshin Impact. Players must take advantage of this crucial system if they want to get any of the featured characters.

Pity in Genshin Impact is one of the systems that makes getting 5-star characters both easy and difficult. It is hard to manage getting enough Primogems for a 5-star character, and with the odds still remaining at 50% without guaranteed pity, players may be discouraged from wishing.

However, with proper saving, any player can get the 5-stars they desire.

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Published 03 May 2021
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