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Genshin Impact Rosaria banner 4-star characters and weapon banner predictions

Rosaria (Genshin Impact)
Rosaria (Genshin Impact)
Tariq Hassan
Modified 30 Mar 2021

Genshin Impact banners are always a source of excitement within the community. Players are always looking forward to finding out who will be on the newest banners and the Farewell of Snezhnaya is no exception.

This is the newest banner coming to Genshin Impact, and it will be released on April 6th. Only two slots are unoccupied in the banner currently, so predicting Genshin Impact's next banner is a hard ask.

Who will be on Genshin Impact's next banner?

Predicting Genshin Impact's next banner may be difficult, but the pool of characters is limited to only two more characters. It is already known that Childe is making a return to the new banner alongside Rosaria.

This leaves two more slots for characters. Taking recent banners into account, there are a few slots open. Here are some of the likely contenders.


Fischl (Image Via Mihoyo)
Fischl (Image Via Mihoyo)
  • Electro
  • 4-Star Bow Character
  • Sub DPS/Elemental Support

Fischl's chances of being on this banner are high due to her strong elemental supporting skills that work especially well in tandem with characters like Childe. To top it off, she hasn't been on a banner recently, so her chances are much higher. Picking up Fischl is a great idea.



Bennett (Image via Mihoyo)
Bennett (Image via Mihoyo)
  • Pyro
  • 4-Star Sword Character
  • Support/Healer

Bennett also has a great chance of appearing on this banner due to his incredibly strong healing and Pyro element. Pyro synergizes well with both Childe's Hydro element and Rosaria's Cryo, which gives Bennett an edge over other supports. Bennett also hasn't been on a banner in Genshin Impact since December 2020.

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What five star weapons will be featured?

Alley Hunter (Image via lumie_lumie)
Alley Hunter (Image via lumie_lumie)

Predicting weapon banners is very difficult as Genshin Impact tends to mix things up without much of a pattern. Chances are that the Skyward Harp will be making a return, as that weapon is best suited for Childe.

As for the other weapon, signs point to it possibly being a spear like the Skyward Spine. This banner may also carry a limited four-star weapon, the Alley Hunter. Players will definitely want to grab this weapon for their Fischl if this is the case.

Genshin Impact's Farewell of Snezhnaya banner seems like a great one for players to roll on, as the characters featured are very powerful. Players will definitely want to take advantage of it when it launches on April 6th.

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Published 30 Mar 2021, 21:55 IST
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