Genshin Impact surprises fans with Yoimiya, Sayu, and Ayaka's official introductions 

Genshin Impact has surprisingly introduced Yoimiya, Sayu, and Ayaka on their social media handles
Genshin Impact has surprisingly introduced Yoimiya, Sayu, and Ayaka on their social media handles

Genshin Impact has finally introduced Sayu, Yoimiya, and Ayaka after a massive wave of leaks.

Sayu and Yoimiya have been two of the most mysterious characters in Genshin Impact. Thanks to highly confidential development and testing, the leakers barely got any leads except for their names and possible skill descriptions. However, the rumors did not stop here.

Various sources revealed different skillsets and appearances for Sayu and Yoimiya, leading to tremendous hype in the community.

Genshin Impact has now officially announced the characters, revealing their appearances and other details.

Sayu, Yoimiya, and Ayaka's character models and descriptions in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact has been strict with its beta program, aiming for maximum confidentiality to avoid leaking unreleased content.

Despite their efforts, beta testers, leakers, and data miners have managed to leak upcoming content every time.

With that said, MiHoYo recently surprised the Genshin Impact community and leakers by revealing three of the most anticipated leaked characters in a series of shocking tweets. The tweets revealed the identity and background of Sayu, Yoimiya, and Ayaka.

Sayu in Genshin Impact

Sayu is titled Mujina Ninja in Genshin Impact. According to the official introduction, the character is a ninja who wields claymore and hails from Shiyuumatsu-Ban, Inazuma.

Sayu has Anemo elemental powers, making the unit more interesting as there is no claymore-wielding Anemo character in Genshin Impact right now. She is believed to be a 5-star character in the game.

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Yoimiya in Genshin Impact

Yoimiya appears to be a 5-star Pyro-type character hailing from Inazuma. The character was recently leaked during the version 1.5 update, resulting in tremendous hype. Shortly afterwards, some rumors surfaced online describing her elemental skill and burst abilities.

MiHoYo has now finally revealed the character's existence in the upcoming updates via an official post.

Yoimiya is a bow-user, aka Archer, who can infuse her normal attacks with Pyro elements to deal Pyro-elemental damage. The ability to shoot pyro-infused arrows at targets from long distances also makes her a worthy DPS unit in Genshin Impact.

A recent leak from the popular leaker ABC64 on Twitter revealed Yoimiya's auto-attack and Elemental burst gameplay. The same can be seen in the tweets attached below.

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Ayaka in Genshin Impact

A year ago, Ayaka's kit and gameplay were revealed during the CBT (Closed Beta Test). Although there are many more leaked details on the character's skill, burst, and other abilities, that's another story.

The official data describes Kamisato Ayaka as the daughter of the Yashiro Commission's Kamisato clan, a reputed clan in Inazuma.

Ayaka is a 5-star Cryo-type character in Genshin Impact. Her leaked voice lines have already been revealed.

In the leaks, she can be heard mentioning Sayu, Tohma, and the Raiden Shogun Baal, which are some of the most anticipated leaked characters in Genshin Impact.

MiHoYo has tried everything to keep the leaks minimal from their end. However, the leaks don't seem to stop.

As such, MiHoYo's decision to officially tease the most anticipated characters months before their release is a great decision. They retain the playbase by building hype and giving enough time for F2P players to prepare for their banners.

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