Genshin Impact Tanuki event guide: Get free primogems in easy steps

Primogems guide for Genshin Impact Eight Locales Over Mountains and Seas event (Image via miHoYo)
Primogems guide for Genshin Impact Eight Locales Over Mountains and Seas event (Image via miHoYo)

Genshin Impact has introduced a new event called Eight Locales Over Mountains and Seas in version 2.4. It is a quest-based event where traveler and Paimon help Loroi in training Kichiboushi.

Yae Miko's banner will soon arrive with update 2.5, and players will naturally require Primogems to strengthen the odds of unlocking the character. Ganyu and Zhongli banners are also live, and some might be willing to unlock them before 2.5.

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The following is a quick guide to completing the latest event in Genshin Impact and getting 60 free Primogems.

Genshin Impact guide for Eight Locales Over Mountains and Seas event

The Eight Locales Over Mountains and Seas event is as easy it gets. The prerequisite quest begins with traveler and Paimon visiting Inazuma to meet Loroi in Chinju Forest.

The baked-danuki then mentions Kichiboushi and asks the players to take it to Dragonspine. However, the only challenge is that Kichiboushi loves to play and roam around like any other Tanuki.

Event tanuki genshin impact

The first part of the ongoing event is called Snowswept Fairytale in which Paimon, traveler, and Kichiboushi head to Dragonspine.

How to complete the Snowswept Fairytale challenge in Genshin Impact

The Snowswept Fairytale quest begins in the Chinju forest where players meet Kichiboushi. As it turns out, the Tanuki is not well-versed with language and tries to communicate with broken phrases.


Paimon (White-Fur) and Aether (Yellow-Fur) then go to Dragonspine and the challenge begins. The aim is to follow Kichiboushi who constantly jumps from one place to another.

Players won't face too many problems following Kichiboushi. They can rely on the sound of the bells that the Tanuki makes, and even the map marks the quest area where they are expected to search.

bye i dont understand the new genshin event.. where did the tanuki go… he went missing in dragonspine 😭😭😭

Right before a broken bridge, Kichibouchi turns into a torch. Players have to use a Pyro character like Amber or Bennett to light the torch. Thereafter, the Tanuki crosses the bridge in a mysterious way and changes into a pile of snow. Yet again, travelers are required to melt the pile of snow.

Towards the end, the traveler takes a picture of Kichibouchi to show Loroi. However, this wakes up the great Snowboar King and the quest can be completed only after defeating it.

After fighting monsters and what not, players have to finally report back to Loroi and claim their rewards which include 30 Primogems, some talent and weapon ascension material.


Seven more challenges will be unlocked in Genshin Impact in the upcoming days, and completing each challenge should grant players at least 30 Primogems.

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