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Genshin Impact 'The Sound of Discord': Where to look for the suspicious person with the package

(Image via Mihoyo)
(Image via Mihoyo)
Tariq Hassan
Modified 31 Mar 2021

Genshin Impact's Windblume Festival has brought with it a lot of fun events and quests, and some are a bit more difficult than others. Ranging from helping people with their poetry to taking pictures for various citizens, the quests of this event are very unique. Some players are having a hard time completing "The Sound of Discord" quest in which the player's first task is to look for the suspicious person with the package. Locating this man can be difficult without prior knowledge of his location, but with this guide finding him will be easy.

Where to look for the suspicious person with the package in Genshin Impact:

Suspicious Citizen (Image via Game Guides Channel)
Suspicious Citizen (Image via Game Guides Channel)

Finding the suspicious person with a package in Genshin Impact is much easier than it seems. The quest begins by tasking players with talking to a character named Vile. After players are given instructions by the NPC named Vile, they simply have to glide down from the top of the building they are on and head over to this area on the map. After they reach this area, they will see the suspicious person wearing a purple shirt. This is the Suspicious Citizen, and after approaching him they are given the ability to progress the questline by talking to him.

Player reactions to the quest:

Some players have found this quest difficult, and the Suspicious Citizen is becoming rather disliked in the community. This may be due to the difficulty involved in locating him, along with his rather unassuming outfit making him easy to miss.


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How to complete the quest

After conversing with the Suspicious Citizen, players will have to head to an area marked on the map where they can defeat several Treasure Hoarders to complete this Genshin Impact quest. Completing this quest rewards players with 20,000 Mora, 20 Primogems, and 2 Heroes Wits, making this quest definitely worth doing, especially for free to play players. After completing this quest, players can complete other quests in the Genshin Impact Windblume festival to continue gaining Primogems and other rewards.

Published 31 Mar 2021, 00:25 IST
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