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Genshin Impact: Upcoming artifact enhancement material leaked ahead of V1.4

"Blessed Ointment" in Genshin Impact
"Blessed Ointment" in Genshin Impact
Modified 16 Feb 2021

Artifact enhancement material has been one of the most requested features from the Genshin Impact community. A recent leak revealed that the material might finally be making its way into the game with the new update.

This is a little teaser of the content that Genshin Impact seems to be planning for the upcoming V1.4 update.

Artifact enhancement material in Genshin Impact

According to the leaks, the artifact enhancement material will be called "Blessed Ointment." The item's name might be different in the global version. The current name is just a translation from Chinese to English.

The item can only be obtained via the upcoming event in V1.4 called "Battle Tendency." The rarity of the artifact enhancement material is marked as 3-star. Upon consumption, it will provide 2,500 artifact experience points.

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According to leaker, AeEntropy, the information was mined from the game data present from the closed beta testing phase.


Other leaks

Earlier, there was another leak regarding the artifact ascension materials: Sanctifying Droplet, Sanctifying Water, Sanctifying Spring, and Sanctifying Essence

They can be used to upgrade an artifact to phase 1, phase 2, phase 3, and phase 4. These materials will be of four different rarity variants, rated as 1-star, 2-star, 3-star, and 4-star in Genshin Impact.

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The introduction of artifact enhancement material and artifact ascension material in Genshin Impact might be the most relieving addition to date.

Due to the infamously slow resin regeneration system and dependence on RNG, players have struggled to farm artifacts.

Enhancement materials can relieve that burden. They allow players to upgrade their artifacts without wasting resin on the RNG-backed artifact drops.

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Published 16 Feb 2021, 22:30 IST
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