Genshin Impact x OnePlus Ace Pro Hu Tao edition: Unboxing reveals exclusive design, features, and price

This new smartphone is part of a Genshin x OnePlus collab (Image via YouTube/Dragon Feather Technology)
This new smartphone is part of a Genshin x OnePlus collab (Image via YouTube/Dragon Feather Technology)

Genshin Impact has teamed up with OnePlus to create an incredible and limited edition Hu Tao-themed Ace Pro. This phone comes with a ton of features, along with special collector's edition items and more.

Fans of Hu Tao will definitely want to get this product for its exclusive design, which features delightful embellishments associated with the gaming title as well as a small depiction of the Genshin Impact character on the back.

Moreover, the incredible assistant app on this device is voiced by Hu Tao herself. Considering all of this, the phone has a surprisingly reasonable price tag. The Hu Tao Ace Pro packs plenty of extra features, and Genshin Impact fans can learn more about the device below.

Genshin Impact OnePlus collaboration: Unique Hu Tao-themed smartphone revealed


Genshin Impact has been involved in many a collaboration with several massive companies, including KFC and Domino's. But its unifications with the tech company OnePlus have always resulted in some incredible products.

Its latest collaboration has just been revealed, with the Hu Tao themed OnePlus Ace Pro having received a full unboxing and showcase. This device comes in at a hefty 4,299 Yuan, which is around $594 USD. The offering will mainly be sold in China, but fans may be able to consider second-hand sources to pick it up overseas.

The phone comes with a ton of unique features, including a special Hu Tao-themed UI and the aforementioned voice assistant. This assistant allows users to set notifications and alarms using Hu Tao's voice.

Genshin Impact gamers will definitely want to consider picking up this phone, especially since it comes with a variety of unique items.

These items include a unique phone case, a Staff of Homa-shaped SIM ejector tool, a special Pyro-themed charging brick, a small ghost statue, and a massive acrylic display case with Hu Tao and the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor on it. There are also stickers and a special collaboration-themed poster to collect.

The device also comes with a variety of rewards for players, including Primogems, Mystic Enhancement Ore, and Hero's Wits. These additional items will definitely help make up for the price of the phone. Furthermore, fans won't be disappointed by its flagship-level specifications either.


The Hu Tao Ace Pro can run apps like Genshin Impact flawlessly while delivering an incredible experience in other applications and games. It also packs 512 gigabytes of storage, giving users plenty of space to store their apps.

Fans will also be able to take some amazing photos with the device's admirable camera system, and the battery life isn't bad either. Gamers who need a new phone will definitely want to give this powerful product a try.


While overseas availability of this smartphone may be limited, fans will definitely still want to give picking it up a try to take advantage of its custom UI, special features, and the tons of extra items that come with it.