"Get a real job": Sodapoppin snaps at preachy youngster

Sodapoppin is unabashedly honest with a preachy youngster online (Image via MrMax on YouTube)
Sodapoppin is unabashedly honest with a preachy youngster online (Image via MrMax on YouTube)

Sodapoppin recently snapped at a youngster online while the boy was preaching what he perceived as unrealistic views. The young boy was seen encouraging viewers to never give up and continue to do what they love.

Sodapoppin had a rather curt response to this, as he shattered the dreamy ideas with a simple "No, you won't".

Warning: Video contains explicit language

"Get a real job, you dumb f**k. One out of 50,000 of you will. Stupid m*therf**ker."

Sodapoppin provides a crushing reality check to a preachy youngster

On a recent Just Chatting Twitch stream, Thomas "Sodapoppin" Chance Morris reacted to a video of a young boy preaching messages of self-confidence and love.

"Do what you love and never f**king give up. You'll make it!"

Sodapoppin is well-known for his unabashedly honest views, and he crushed this youngster's preachy messages with a simple reality check. The streamer clearly mentioned that maybe one out of every 50,000 people who chase their dreams make it big by doing so. Therefore, it is always a better idea to have a real job to fall back upon. He gave the boy a simple task to prove this reality to him.

"Go buy a lottery ticket. See what happens."

While Sodapoppin's words may have been harsh, there's no denying the truth behind his statement.

Sodapoppin set to host a new Twitch gameshow

In the same livestream, Sodapoppin also revealed that he will be hosting a new gameshow on his stream soon, which will be organized by Twitch. He has been rehearsing for the same and the streamer claims he's really bad at it.

"I don't know if I'm allowed to talk about it yet, but I don't care. I'm doing, like, a gameshow on my stream. Twitch is putting it together and they want me to host it so I'm hosting it. I have rehearsals I have to f**king do, and I suck at it."

The streamer revealed that the game show will be a lot like Bingo. While the contents of the gameshow are not quite clear yet, Sodapoppin believes it will be fun. Viewers can expect more details about the same in the coming weeks.

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