"Give me Ciri as the main character": Excited Witcher fans discuss potential storyline, features, and more

Fans are already stating their expectations for the upcoming game (Image via CD Projekt Red)
Fans are already stating their expectations for the upcoming game (Image via CD Projekt Red)

The biggest news in the gaming world has to be the new Witcher saga, which has been announced by developers CD Projekt Red. This will be the first game in the universe since Witcher 3. It has been a long wait for many fans who have been waiting for another game of the series. The reactions of many on social media say all there's to be said about the announcement.

The upcoming game will also be the first time CD Projekt Red will work with Unreal Engine 5. CD Projekt Red has simultaneously announced a multi-year strategic partnership with Epic Games. The two companies will be working closely to develop Unreal Engine 5 and optimize it for the upcoming game.

While more details like the plot and future dates haven't been announced, the excitement is no less regarding the future for the franchise.

Fans react in excitement at the announcement of a new Witcher game

As soon as the news dropped, fans shared their excitement and wishes about what they would want to see in the new game. One interesting wish of a Twitter user was to see Ciri as the main character. It should be noted that the official tagline talks about a new saga. In all probability, the story that would follow would be a fresh one.

@witchergame Give me Ciri as the main character please.

However, a new saga may entirely exclude Geralt, which would be a heartbreak for many fans.

@witchergame TFW you realize this news means we'll likely never see Geralt again...

A few fans are cautiously optimistic about their expectations after what happened with Cyberpunk 2077.

@witchergame @CDPROJEKTRED The Witcher 3 remains the greatest game ever made, in my opinion. However...this announcement just doesn't hit as hard as it would've after Cyberpunk. I'm sorry, it just doesn't. Cyberpunk is a pretty great game now, but still nowhere near what it was marketed to be.

One Reddit user stated that they would miss Geralt, but they'll be okay as long as the transition is smooth.

Some fans have been surprised over the fact that CD Projekt Red has decided to shift from REDengine.

The Witcher 3 is also awaiting its next-gen update, which will surely delight fans. A fan stated on the subreddit that they're waiting for the upgrade to arrive.

One fan has made their wish to keep author Andrzej Sapkowski in the loop. He is the one who has created the Witcher series, and the games and the Netflix series are based on his work.

@witchergame Please keep Andrej Sapjowski in the loop this time so you’ll don’t mess it up as you’ll messed up the #netflix series. #TheWitcher

The hope among fans to play as Ciri is really serious. The previous game showed Ciri being trained to become a Witcher, and such a decision will be quite in sync.

@LegacyKillaHD hope we get to play as ciri and see her story move forward, what ever the case is I hope that geralt is not the main character as his story concluded nicely in witcher 3 + the expansions so it would be nice to get to play as anyone else.

The overall emotions are also towards the point where fans don't want CD Projekt Red to rush with the project.

@witchergame Hyped af but please don’t rush it!!!! I loved cyberpunk but it was objectively not ready for release. I’m glad you guys fixed it but you’re getting a track record of releasing games before they should be and fixing them through patches.

As of now, the available information is limited in nature. Barring news of the switch to Unreal Engine 5 and a new saga, CD Projekt Red hasn't given out anything else. Among the missing information is the potential release window of the game and the exact platforms where the game will be available.

The Polish studio is expected to give out more information in the coming days. Undoubtedly, fans will have their speculations until more information becomes available.

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