Gotham Knights testing could begin soon on PC as Playtest version is registered on SteamDB

Playtest of the game has been detected on SteamDB (Image via IMDB)
Playtest of the game has been detected on SteamDB (Image via IMDB)

Fans are eagerly awaiting Gotham Knights, since it has been a long time since the release of a Batman game. Developed by WB Games Montreal, the game is set in the Batman universe post the days of the superhero.

The caped crusader is dead, but players shouldn't be disheartened as there are four iconic characters from the Bat-verse in the title.

The action-adventure game will feature Red Hood, Batgirl, Robin, and Night Wing. While there hasn't been much revealed by official sources barring some important gameplay features, a new discovery has been made.


Earlier on March 5, the playtest for the game became available on SteamDB, an all-covering database of Steam.

Gotham Knights playtest becomes available on SteamDB

On March 5, reliable industry insider Tom Henderson made gamers aware of a novel discovery. As spotted by him, Gotham Knights' playtest edition has been registered on SteamDB. This indirectly means that the application has been uploaded to Steam's servers.

Gotham Knights playtest has been added to SteamDB 🧐…

This is massive news for the game and its fans for specific reasons. The primary reason, of course, is the fact that players will likely get an idea of how the game will be.

There could also be revelations about how well the game runs on PCs and its approximate requirements. While it's expected that only parts of the story will be revealed, the playtest will likely have a co-op to test the game's capabilities with multiplayer features.

Gotham Knights Playtest on SteamDB (Image via SteamDB)
Gotham Knights Playtest on SteamDB (Image via SteamDB)

However, it should be noted that very few things are known now. It remains to be seen when the playtest will be made available for download on Steam for the players. Another exciting thing to observe will be how the developers plan to proceed with testing.

There has been other news of possible delays for the game. The playtest is a much-needed positive as it can hint towards when the game might arrive. If everything moves on normally, Q3 2022 will be the likely release period of the game.

Hello dear “The Settlers” fans, we would like to share an important update with you.

However, game testing can often give out significant results. Ubisoft has decided to postpone the release of The Settlers based on feedback from closed data. The priority for WB Games will be to see how the playtest goes and the feedback from the players.

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