GTA 5's mammoth $7,700,000,000 earnings set to be challenged by upcoming open-world game, and it's not GTA 6

Starfield has the potential to break GTA 5
Starfield has the potential to break GTA 5's record (Image via Bethesda)

When GTA 5 first went live, fans of the franchise from around the world went on a spending frenzy, causing the game to create a sales record that has remained untouched for a while now. However, there's a game that has the potential to break the record, and that game isn't GTA 6. Since the contender to GTA 6's throne is in development at this point, there isn't much information available about it.

For a game to be able to shatter such a record, it will have to have two main elements:

a) a humongous fan following.

b) showcases where the game actually shows promising gameplay mechanics.

Starfield has the potential to break the $7,700,000,000 earnings record set by GTA 5


Although Starfield and GTA 5 belong to two entirely different genres, there are a few similarities. For example, both the games boast a huge open world, and there has been a lot of hype behind both these titles.

Starfield has apparently been in development for around eight years now. This is Bethesda's next major release before The Elder Scrolls 6, and it will be a single-player experience that features around 1000 planets for players to explore. Only a few of these will be inhabited, while the rest will be empty. However, the game will feature mod support, so modders will likely enjoy adding unique features to each planet.

Bethesda will also be releasing DLCs for the title and is planning on supporting the game for a few years after its release. However, based on what has been revealed so far, Starfield does have the potential to turn into the next Skyrim and then some.


GTA 5, although not as vast as Starfield, showed the exact same potential upon release and is something of a modder's paradise. In a nutshell, both these games follow a similar formula, so there's no reason why Starfield can't break the earnings record set by Rockstar's famous open-world adventure.

However, the only difference between Starfield and GTA 5 is that the latter has an online mode where you can do whatever you want. Modded servers are also available for GTA 5, so there is no lack of options to have a unique experience.

As of now, Bethesda's upcoming planetary explorer is set to be a single-player-only title. It's unclear if the developers will add an online mode to it later on (like Rockstar did with GTA Online) but that's something that will be revealed in due time. Starfield is set to go live on all major platforms on September 6, 2023