GTA 5 Weekly Update: What is the Declasse Vamos and Half-Track?

  • GTA 5 offers weekly updates as part of GTA: Online, and several new items have been added.
  • This week's update includes the Declasse Vamos and Half Track.
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Modified 21 May 2020, 18:56 IST

GTA 5: Half Track
GTA 5: Half Track

GTA 5 Online Weekly Updates Declasse Vamos and the Half-Track, What are They?

GTA 5's online component GTA:Online has been a raging success since its release in 2015 on all platforms including PC and Consoles. It has continued to stay relevant for nearly 5 years and has managed to keep the players satisfied and engaged.

One of the key aspects in making an Online game successful is to keep the player-base returning to the game and keeping their attention. GTA 5 and GTA:Online does this by offering new content, various bonuses and new events in their Weekly Update.

The Weekly Update for May 21 includes a lot of new content, including the Declasse Vamos and Military truck Half-Track.

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The Declasse Vamos

GTA 5: Declasse Vamos
GTA 5: Declasse Vamos

The Declasse Vamos is a solid muscle car, manufactured by fictional in-game car manufacturers "Declasse". The Vamos is a high-performance, high acceleration muscle car capable of shredding other cars in a straight. However, due to its high acceleration, the grip on the tires can get pretty tough and it is a tough car to handle around corners.

While the car is a good for getaway in a Heist due to its sturdy nature, it is not advisable as the car cannot maneuver swiftly through heavy traffic, and Heists usually requires you to cut through traffic quickly in order to make a quick getaway.

Where the car shines is in the looks department, the car is stunning. Based on the design of the real life Chevrolet Nova, the Declasse Vamos is the definition of American Muscle and looks amazing with chrome or matte paint. Get this car if you wanna tear down Los Santos in style.


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Half-Track in GTA 5

GTA 5: The Half-Track
GTA 5: The Half-Track

If the Declasse Vamos is the car you get if you want to arrive in style, the Half-Track is what you get to decimate opponents left and right. This Military vehicle is an absolute powerhouse, making it the perfect vehicle in Gunrunning events. This is what the game's description has to say about the Half-Track:

"The Half-track might look like it's having a really dangerous identity crisis, but trust us, it works. The all-terrain capabilities of a tank, with all the advantages of a truck: straightforward handling, a spacious, prostitute-friendly cabin, and lots of fresh air for the lunatic on the .50 cal in the back."

Warstock Cache & Carry description

The Half-Track gets its name from the tank tracks at the back of the vehicle and regular truck tires at the front. Making it perfect for getaway while taking heavy damage through rough terrain.

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Published 21 May 2020, 18:56 IST
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