"Guys, what the…?": xQc in disbelief after encountering Pokimane watching 'Food Wars' anime

xQc was confused by Pokimane's recent anime discovery (Image via Sportskeeda)
xQc was confused by Pokimane's recent anime discovery (Image via Sportskeeda)

Felix "xQc" Lengyel's recent stream run through LivestreamFail birthed a hilarious moment when he reacted to Imane "Pokimane" Anys watching a scene from Food Wars.

The popular anime follows the battles between the students in a culinary school. While the show's basic plot doesn't sound NSFW, both Pokimane and xQc watched a clip worthy of that tag on Reddit.


xQc reacts to Pokimane watching NSFW clip of 'Food Wars'

Fans who follow the content of Pokimane know about her love for anime. The popular Twitch streamer has great knowledge about several shows, and she has even cosplayed as some characters from these animes.

During a recent stream, the Canadian asked her fans whether they had any clue about a weird clip of a show she had never watched on stream. Many suggested watching the hit show Food Wars, directed by Yoshitomo Yonetani.

"Oh my god, I have heard a lot about Food Wars, and I remember I watched it for like two seconds one time."

She then searched for a random clip on YouTube to react on stream, and at first, she didn't suspect what was about to happen as the clip began with exquisite Japanese cuisine.

However, it suddenly took a turn after the characters munched on some Eggs Benedict, whose taste was so good that they suddenly lost all their clothing, becoming stark naked.

As soon as Pokimane realized that the clip had suddenly become NSFW, she screamed and apologized to her fans. However, she continued to watch the tasty food in the video.

"Sorry, oh my god, I'm so sorry."

The moment was clipped and recently posted on the popular subreddit, LivestreamFail. During his recent run through the popular website, xQc stumbled upon the clip with the NSFW tag. Even though he knew he might get in trouble for watching it on stream, he still opened the link.

"Not safe for work, I don't give a s***, I'm not working, I don't have a job."

After watching the weird clip and Pokimane's reaction, xQc was dumbfounded by the popular anime.

"Guys, what the f*** was that?"

In the end, Pokimane and xQc's chats had a huge laugh, thanks to the confused reactions from the streamers. While the show has received some rave reviews, this clip can definitely throw first-time viewers off.