Halloween DIY in Animal Crossing: New Horizons- what can players expect?

Halloween in Animal Crossing. Image via CNET
Halloween in Animal Crossing. Image via CNET

Halloween in Animal Crossing is an enjoyable time of year. Many enjoy making Halloween themed or spooky islands, and that is the perfect time to do so. Recently, with the 1.11 update that Nintendo finally released for Animal Crossing, dataminers uncovered some pretty great Halloween stuff that might be coming soon.

There are always Halloween events and items added to the game, including DIY stuff, so here's a guide on what players can expect when the spooky season finally arrives.

Halloween in Animal Crossing

In the 1.11 update, dataminers uncovered the potential addition of several Halloween items. There is the Spooky Tree, the Spooky Trick Lamp and the Spooky Treats Basket.

All of these will come with four color variations - the original orange, green, yellow and monochrome. This will likely bring a total of 12 items to Animal Crossing for Halloween.

Spooky tree. Image via Animal Crossing World
Spooky tree. Image via Animal Crossing World

In the past, Halloween has been a great time for some really cool DIY recipes. During this period, talking to villagers while they are working on something for Halloween will prompt them to give players the DIY recipe.

There will also be things on sale for Halloween at the Nook Stop. Here are some of the Halloween DIY recipes and their required items.

  • Spooky arch- 10 hardwood, 3 clay and 10 orange pumpkins
  • Spooky candy set- 1 orange pumpkin and 3 candy
  • Spooky carriage- 20 wood, 10 softwood, 20 hardwood, 10 iron nuggets and 30 orange pumpkins
Spooky carriage. Image via Yumabunnycrossing on Pinterest
Spooky carriage. Image via Yumabunnycrossing on Pinterest
  • Spooky chair- 3 orange pumpkins and 3 softwood
  • Spooky fence- 3 orange pumpkins and 5 iron nuggets
  • Spooky garland- 1 iron nugget, 1 orange pumpkin and 1 clay
  • Spooky lantern- 4 orange pumpkins
  • Spooky lantern set- 4 orange pumpkins and 4 clumps of weeds
  • Spooky scarecrow- 3 orange pumpkins and 4 wood
  • Spooky standing lamp- 5 hardwood, 1 clay and 3 orange pumpkins
  • Spooky table- 14 orange pumpkins and 10 softwood
  • Spooky table- 1 iron nugget, 1 clay and 1 orange pumpkin
  • Spooky tower- 7 orange pumpkins
  • Spooky wand- 3 star fragments and 1 spooky lantern

It's safe to say that orange pumpkins will be in high demand this Halloween.

Edited by Sijo Samuel Paul

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