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"Happy Simp Day": Pokimane's Valentine's Day tweet invites hilarious responses from fans 

Image via Pokimane
Image via Pokimane
Modified 16 Feb 2021

Pokimane recently sent out a Valentine's day tweet where she poked fun at simps. It was taken very well by her fans.

Pokimane has been outspoken about her views on simps. She's against the negative aspects of the culture.

Image via Sportskeeda
Image via Sportskeeda

Image from: Pokimane and simps: Why the Twitch streamer has been under fire lately

Twitter users loved her tweet. They loved how witty Pokimane was about the subject. She received instant praise from other users. The feed may have been negative at times, but it was mostly positive.

The negative responses were from people referring to Pokimane's adversity towards simp culture. Simp culture is often seen as one-sided affection.

Pokimane has stated in the past that she's against anyone spending large amounts of money on people who do not show any affection back.


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The negative tweets focused on Pokimane's significance in getting the word banned from Twitch. Some think it is solely her fault, which doesn't seem very fair.

Some users decided to shoot their shot under the tweet.


There were also some very unsettling tweets.


Overall, everyone appreciated Pokimane for her positivity and humor.

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Pokimane's trouble with simps are far from over

Pokimane has had issues with viewers of her channel that behave inappropriately. Recently, she has taken a more positive outlook on the simp situation.

She has accepted that there are "simps" and started to joke about it. This has helped her cope with this strange culture derived from the internet.


She has reiterated to her fans to not treat her like some object or trophy. She has limited her donation cap so that no one is put into a bad financial situation because of their interest in her. She has also warned viewers who are attempting to impress her with money or random comments.

It is likely that Pokimane will never be completely done with simps, but she's handling the bizarre situation quite well.

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Published 16 Feb 2021, 00:00 IST
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