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Pokimane risks Twitch ban by saying "Simp" multiple times on live stream

Image via codemiko/ YouTube
Image via codemiko/ YouTube
Modified 24 Dec 2020, 22:20 IST

During her recent appearance on rising Twitch sensation Codemiko's stream, Imane "Pokimane" Anys defied Twitch policy by saying the word "simp" multiple times.

Recently, Twitch grabbed headlines with its decision to ban the words "simp" , "virgin" and "incel" in an attempt to clamp down on online harassment.

However, this move was met with a significant amount of criticism, as the online community called them out for ignoring far more serious issues which plague the platform.

After facing significant amount of backlash online, Twitch issued a clarification by stating that they have not imposed a blanket ban on the word simp, and that it will be only apply too those who use it in a malicious or derogatory manner.

Despite this clarification, popular Twitch streamer JustaMinx was recently banned for a week, reportedly due to saying the word "simp".

Considering the fact the new Twitch TOS is scheduled to come into play from January onwards, it makes the nature of her ban all the more dubious.

Keeping this in mind, fans shared their thoughts over Pokimane's recent mention of the word Simp on live stream.


Pokimane defies Twitch TOS by saying Simp on live stream

In the clip above, which has since gone viral online, Pokimane can be seen uttering the word "simp" multiple times, much to the horror of Codemiko, who happens to be hosting the stream:

"By the way, to everyone in chat, sorry for the bad news but you can say the word...It's not TOS, watch ....Simp, simp, simp........and I mean, if anything goes wrong at least it's your channel, not mine!"

This recent mention by Pokimane has now opened up a whole new can of worms, with several people stating that she seems to be immune to any sort of Twitch ban.

As opposed to JustaMinx, who uttered the word even before the change in TOS took place. Fans aren't exactly too happy with the perceived preferential treatment that Pokimane seems to be getting from Twitch:


Along with Forsen's Horse GIF ban, JustAMinx's recent ban continues to be a source of constant debate for the online community, who just can't seem to make any sense of Twitch policy lately.

What makes the situation all the more murky, is the fact that another streamer MissBehavin recently exposed herself in front of several viewers and managed to escape only with a 3 day ban.


Just recently, a Twitch streamer by the name of Tayhuhu received a perma-ban after her child interacted with chat.

This led to a huge uproar online and after several complaints from the online community, Twitch finally decided to rightfully revoke her ban.

In light of these examples of questionable Twitch bans, viewers continue to raise pertinent questions about Twitch's policy, and if big streamers such as Pokimane do have it easier than smaller ones.

With regards to her recent mention of the word "simp" during a live stream, it seems highly unlikely that any kind of action will be taken against Pokimane, as Twitch policy continues to come under intense scrutiny online.

Published 24 Dec 2020, 22:20 IST
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