Harvard-trained psychiatrist explains what makes this Twitch streamer so 'Irresistible' 

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Sweet Anita is a popular British YouTuber, who commands a stellar fan following across social media platforms, notably Twitch. Afflicted with Tourette's Syndrome, she is not one to shy away from spreading awareness about her condition, in the hopes of achieving an inclusive atmosphere for Twitch streamers.

While she is known for her online persona and can often be found interacting with her fans or playing popular games such as Overwatch on Twitch, little is known about the person behind the persona.

In a recent interview with Harvard-trained psychiatrist Dr. K, who has interviewed the likes of Pokimane, she spoke about her journey so far, while Dr. K made some interesting assessments.

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The perils of being a Twitch streamer

Sweet Anita was recently subjected to a harrowing experience, when an unidentified stalker began issuing her death threats.

After a police complaint was filed, her fans became worried for the Twitch streamer's safety. The stalker blatantly threatened to kill her and she spoke about how her life was in dire straits due to persistent online harassment.

Moreover, the lack of prompt action on behalf of the police and Twitch, initially became a major issue of concern for the 29-year old streamer.

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Though the matter was thankfully resolved, the scars still remained as she spoke about a plethora of topics with Dr. K, who oversees the YouTube channel HealthyGamerGG.

Watch: Dr.K interviews Sweet Anita


When he asks her, what do people see in her, that has led to the makings of a borderline toxic fanbase, she replies:

I don't know, genuinely, I'm a pretty average person in most respects , I'm not like some supermodel that's just irresistible so I genuinely don't know why this keeps happening to me.

Dr. K makes an assessment on the Twitch streamer's unwarranted attention by saying:

Well, there's clearly something about you which makes you literally it sounds like people can't stay away..and it's sort of strange right because these are people who are able to have normal relationships with your other friends, but there's something different, to do with the with the pheromones .

When he asks her, what she feels about all this unwanted attention, she states:

I know that a lot of these guys are so lonely that if anyone else was around that gave them the same level of attention, they'd probably do the same thing. I have learnt that you don't have to be special for people to be attracted to you .

Dr. K links her statements to a sense of general apprehension and traumatic paranoia, which often exists in the aftermath of such events, as they go on to address several other issues. Sweet Anita's statements highlight the perils of fame, which bares its ugly side from time to time.

It is also a strong indictment of the prevalent toxicity that exists on online platforms and the need to draw the line for one's own sense of security.

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