Has Cristiano Ronaldo's FIFA 23 rating changed in-game?

Ronaldo will undergo a club change in the game very soon (Image via EA Sports)
Ronaldo will undergo a club change in the game very soon (Image via EA Sports)

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the top cards in FIFA 23. An overall of 90 is no mean feat when the highest overall of the game is 91, to begin with. While the Portuguese received a nerf in certain stats, he continued to be Manchester United's highest-rated player.

Times and things have changed since then, as the once-favorite footballer has left his old shores. Cristiano Ronaldo's tumultuous second reign finally ended earlier during the FIFA World Cup when Manchester United mutually decided to part ways. It hasn't taken long for the modern-day great to find a new club, with Saudi club Al-Nasr becoming his latest home.

Naturally, things will also change in FIFA 23, as EA Sports always aims to maintain authenticity in the football experience. This includes keeping a database of all the latest footballers and updating the squads. So, for example, Cristiano Ronaldo's in-game item has changed, but not across every game mode.

Cristiano Ronaldo's FIFA 23 card has changed stats, but they only apply across the offline modes

Cristiano Ronaldo has been a part of a long debate and discussion since last September when his stats and overall in FIFA 23 were released. Many fans felt that the 81 Pace was an embarrassment, while others claimed that his performances didn't warrant a nerf overall; however, his card continues to do well and has been a popular pick in the community.

💥La media de Cristiano Ronaldo en FIFA 23 se desploma tras su fichaje por Al Nassr⬇️Por primera vez en más de diez años, la puntuación de Cristiano Ronaldo en FIFA estará por debajo del 90

Unfortunately, his overall seems to have taken a further hit, which shows up when users download the latest squad updates. It has been reduced from 90 to 88, and some stats have also taken a hit. Attributes like Stamina and Dribbling have gone down, which will disappoint many of his loyal fans.

Interestingly, the ratings nerf seems to have been done following his removal from the Manchester United squad. The latest update puts the Portuguese forward as a free agent, where his card is incidentally the highest-rated item. This is despite Al-Nasr being present in FIFA 23, as the Saudi league is fully licensed.

It remains to be seen when Ronaldo will be added to the Al-Nasr squad and if his ratings will change further. The reduced overall and stats will affect all offline game modes, including exhibition matches. Those starting a new career mode save will also notice the nerf.


There won't be any changes to his items in the FIFA 23 Ultimate Team mode, and all official esports tournaments will have his original card. Despite a poor pace, the forward's card has remained quite popular among fans, and it's an exciting item for many squads.

Players can also try out the Rulebreakers version of the Portuguese, which was released in October. The special card is an upgrade over his base item and has been heavily used in Ultimate Team.

Returning to the main question, Ronaldo's overall has changed in the offline modes but will stay the same in Ultimate Team and all professional competitions.

There won't be any changes to his cards, irrespective of what happens to his offline version.

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