HasanAbi banned from Twitch for using alleged racial slur "cracker"

Hasanabi banned from Twitch after using racial slur in stream (Image via HasanAbi/YouTube)
Hasanabi banned from Twitch after using racial slur in stream (Image via HasanAbi/YouTube)

Popular Twitch streamer Hasan “HasanAbi” Piker has been banned from the platform after using the racial slur “cracker” in one of his streams. Over 40,000 viewers were streaming the video where he used the debated deragatory term.

Those who viewed HasanAbi's stream argued that he would be banned from the platform as the used term violates Twitch’s rules against hateful conduct. The term “cracker” comes from white slave masters cracking a whip against those who worked for them.

HasanAbi took to Twitter as soon as the ban came into being. He tweeted today:


HasanAbi defends himself on social media

The social media personality received backlash on social media after defending himself for using the term in his stream. HasanAbi indulged in a lengthy argument stating that the term is not a racial slur as those who use it have been historically oppressed. He said:

"A person calling you a cracker is powerless. They are doing it as someone who has been historically oppressed, blowing off steam. You can say that is infantilizing or whatever the f*ck, but that is true. It's reality."

Reacting to the 30-year-old’s Twitch ban, tweets read:

“For use as an insult I can understand. Knowing him he most likely used it in that way. So justified. Everyone needs to be held to the same standards.”
“Any derogatory term towards a sum of people is a bannable offense on Twitch no matter the color, religion, sex etc.”

There were plenty mixed reactions to HasanAbi's ban as well. A few tweets read:

The platform bans hateful conduct which comes under its community guidelines. According to Twitch’s Hateful Conduct Policy, one can be banned if they use “hateful slurs, either untargeted or directed towards another individual."

Twitch had not commented on HasanAbi’s ban at the time of writing this article. The internet continued to discuss whether or not the term is a “hateful slur."