"I brought awareness": HasanAbi sarcastically clarifies his reason for liking 'anti-cracker' meme

HasanAbi 'clarifies' reason for liking 'anti-cracker' meme (Image via Sportskeeda and Twitter)
HasanAbi 'clarifies' reason for liking 'anti-cracker' meme (Image via Sportskeeda and Twitter)

Hasan "HasanAbi" Piker defended himself when showing his viewers an anti-cracker meme that he liked on Twitter.

During a recent livestream on Twitch, HasanAbi was "Just Chatting" with his viewers. That's when he showed an anti-cracker meme which hew found on Twitter to his viewers.

He jokingly told his viewers that he did not like those kinds of memes. However, all his viewers could see that he had liked the post on Twitter. He clarified his reasons when he sarcastically told his viewers:

"I brought awareness to how bad and how racist this meme was.

HasanAbi jokes about liking and retweeting an anti-cracker meme

HasanAbi has again poured some more gas into the 'cracker' drama that has recently plagued Twitch. In one of his recent streams he was showing his viewers some memes on Twitter and one of them was what is now classified as an 'anti-cracker' meme.

The meme had the words "Never Forget" written with the date 01-06-2021. This indicates the events that occurred on 06th January 2021 in the US. A mob of people stormed into the US Capitol Building that day where a session of Congress was set to happen to declare Joe Biden's electoral vote win.

The meme Hasan showed replaced the mob with a bunch of crackers - a snack.

I am in here LOSING IT!! 😂🤣🤣

HasanAbi pulled up the meme on his screen and showed it to his viewers. He then jokingly told his viewers that he discouraged the use of such memes. He also said that he is against making jokes of such kind. He made a facetious remark when he told his viewers:

"Unacceptable, okay? I don't find this kind of humor funny. You guys know this, okay? I'm anti this kind of humor. This is not funny, this is racist."

He added:

"Please stop showing me this meme. Please stop tagging me underneath this."

HasanAbi had, however, liked and retweeted the meme from his official account for his millions of followers to see. He 'defended' his actions by saying:

"I was highlighting it so that people understand that this is unacceptable."

Twitch has been coming down hard on people for using the word 'cracker.' HasanAbi was also a victim of Twitch's hunt to curb down racism as he was banned from the platform for a week before making his eventual return.

He still hasn't changed his stance on the matter, it seems, as he still makes subtle jokes about the incident.

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