HasanAbi reacts as Jordan Peterson hilariously threatens to leave Twitter after being called out for controversial statements

After Jordan Peterson announced he was leaving Twitter, HasanAbi reacted to the news (Image via Sportskeeda)
After Jordan Peterson announced he was leaving Twitter, HasanAbi reacted to the news (Image via Sportskeeda)
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Clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson recently took to Twitter to criticize a woman's body, and Hasan "HasanAbi" and many others took him to task for it. Because of the insults lobbed at the psychologist, the medical practitioner declared he would leave Twitter.

This led to a few tweets from HasanAbi roasting the psychologist as he claimed to leave Twitter but continued to post regularly.

HasanAbi roasts Jordan Peterson after latter's controversial statement led to him "leaving Twitter"

Jordan Peterson's critique of plus-sized model Yumi Nu did not go over well, and he was further roasted for claiming to leave Twitter over the backlash.

Sorry. Not beautiful. And no amount of authoritarian tolerance is going to change that.…

The whole ordeal began with Jordan Peterson commenting on plus-sized model Yumi Nu being on the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition 2022's cover. According to the psychologist, she was "not beautiful."

While some agreed with his position, HasanAbi and others quickly and eagerly roasted the man for his tweet.

@jordanbpeterson Sorry. Not beautiful. And no amount of authoritarian tolerance is going to change that

After the medical professional chose to openly insult a woman’s beauty on Twitter, HasanAbi highlighted an image of Jordan Peterson, using the exact quote the latter had used to insult Yumi Nu. The backlash led to Peterson deciding he was leaving Twitter.

And I plan to write an article on the technical reasons that Twitter is maddening us all very soon. Bye for now.…

When Peterson’s leaving of Twitter made the news, Hasan called out the psychologist on the platform for leaving the bird app after being roasted.

On top of that, Hasan pointed out that, despite making and pinning a tweet that says he’s leaving Twitter, the psychologist continued to tweet and retweet topics that interested the man.

this man has tweet like 15 times since he posted that he’s leaving lmaooo

Despite Peterson saying he told his staff to change his password. If he has an opinion, he'll write an article/produce a video. Still, it did not stop him from continually posting on the platform, which led to even more reactions from users on the social media website.

Twitter reacts to Hasan and Jordan Peterson

Peterson's quote and then departure from the platform certainly had people on the website talking. Many were glad he was leaving or making fun of the psychologist still posting despite quitting.

It's often said on the internet that there is a Dril tweet for everything, and this was no exception, with a Twitter user highlighting a post from 2015 from the absurdist humor Twitter user.

@hasanthehun Jordan rn:…
@edb87 @hasanthehun dril is literally a prophet
@hasanthehun @jordanbpeterson Noble work sir I salute you 🫡
@hasanthehun @jordanbpeterson Yeah he and his wife are going to be doing a comedic-ventriloquist act
@xychelsea @hasanthehun @jordanbpeterson Ratio'd him into the shadow realm
@hasanthehun @jordanbpeterson he needs to go clean his room before he can come back to twitter
@hasanthehun @jordanbpeterson It really was a bad take. She is pretty on point, maybe I like none photoshopped women. IDK, but I certainly think he deserved the hate this time.
@GamingProTips @hasanthehun @jordanbpeterson Jordan Peterson has always deserved every bit of hate that's ever been directes at him.
@hasanthehun @jordanbpeterson Peterson says he’s receiving “vicious insults” while calling a woman “not beautiful”
@hasanthehun @jordanbpeterson @jordanbpeterson I’m reading your book right now you are right about a lot of things but this is the wrong take
@hasanthehun @jordanbpeterson The man basically walked into a public space, took a massive dump on the floor, got rightfully yelled at, and announced he's leaving lol

Even as the popular streamer ratioed Jordan Peterson, some users agree with the psychologist, although most were glad to see him go.

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