“I feel like I’m losing my mind”: HasanAbi reveals desire to take some time off from streaming

HasanAbi has stated a need to potentially take a break from streaming, or at least change up what he produces (Image via HasanAbi/Twitch)
HasanAbi has stated a need to potentially take a break from streaming, or at least change up what he produces (Image via HasanAbi/Twitch)

HasanAbi is a huge name on Twitch and is a streamer who reliably streams about 8 hours a day on average. However, it sounds like the streamer is looking to take some time away, or at least create content that is fun for him.

The streamer dropped a tweet on March 24, 2022, stating this, and there’s a very good chance that he slows down his content a bit.

“I have to take more time off and also stream more fun stuff/collabs. I feel like I’m losing my mind a bit lately.”

HasanAbi reportedly feels burnt out, may start taking more time off

Streaming such long hours every day can understandably wear on someone, and this isn’t the first time the streamer has said he is feeling burnout. He planned on taking a few days off back in February, not feeling the urge to stream like he used to.

It didn’t last, though. He was right back to stream his usual hours without any sign of slowing down. The streamer was forced to take a bit of a break when he allegedly used a racial slur back in December 2021. As usual, after that week's break for his third ban, HasanAbi resumed his 8-hour a day streaming schedule.

The real question is whether HasanAbi will take time off, as it’s not something the streamer is known for. If not, perhaps he can create content with other streamers that he will enjoy. Several people took to social media to support the streamer or suggest content for him.

Social media stands behind a weary HasanAbi

Many streamers came to support him or suggest something to do. Adept pointed out that she did invite him to a game with her. Unfortunately, Hasan missed it. In a rather wholesome moment, Adept made it clear that she’s free anytime the streamer wants.

FaZe Clan’s Kalei asked if he wanted to play Uno, which would certainly be an entertaining stream or video.

Another Twitter user suggested playing some Minecraft with Dream, which had a bit of a mixed reaction. Other users suggested Tubbo instead.

One Twitter user recommended a pair of potential content creators to work with.

A comment worried there would be no stream that day, but the streamer made it clear that this was not the case.

Sonii had another suggestion, and that’s to stream a workout with him.

No matter what, his fans are behind him and want to see him healthy and happy.

Whether or not the streamer takes a break from streaming, or changes up what he’s doing, remains to be seen. It does sound like the streamer wants to slow down a bit, but has not made any official announcement in that direction yet.

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