HasanAbi takes a dig at Twitch banning him for saying cracker on livestream back in December 2021

HasanAbi took a dig at Twitch (Image via Sportskeeda)
HasanAbi took a dig at Twitch (Image via Sportskeeda)
Vitasta Singh

Former Twitch streamer HasanAbi recently took a dig at the purple platform. Back in December 2021, the Twitch political streamer was banned from the purple platform for saying "cracker" on the livestream.

Soon after his ban, the social media personality took to his official Twitter handle to share the news with his Twitter followers. However, after receiving tons and tons of backlash from viewers, the former Twitch streamer went on to explain himself.

As per Hasan, the controversial term is not even a racial slur, and the ban is totally unfair. This statement turned everything into a great mess for the former Twitch streamer.

HasanAbi takes a dig at Twitch four months after his ban

Back in December 2021, Twitch decided to ban HasanAbi from the platform for using the controversial word on his livestream. The ban was allegedly for saying the slur 'cracker' in reference to white people, something that Twitch considered to be hate speech.

Naturally, the news soon went viral on multiple social media platforms, creating a lot of drama back then.

yes. it is for exactly what you think it is. anti white racism for using the term “cracker.”…

The Twitch streamer recently took to his official Twitter handle to post a sun-kissed picture of himself with a peculiar caption:

everyone keeps telling me to use sunscreen. i am. i’m still getting red tho. makes it even wilder that twitch banned me for saying cracker.

Evidently, with this tweet, Hasan was trying to take a sly jab at Twitch for the unfair ban back in 2021. At the time of writing, the political commentator has amassed over 886k subscribers on YouTube, making him one of the most controversial yet popular content creators of all time.

HasanAbi's tweet garners mixed reaction from fans

Back when he announced his ban, there was plenty of mixed reaction from the community. The response is similar now as well. While the majority of viewers are taking the tweet as just a mere joke, a handful of other viewers are quite offended, again. A few tweets read:

@rawrxdalex @hasanthehun group 5 finally returning just to redeploy for keffals
@hasanthehun my sweet red lobster king crunch me like a cracker
@amber_a_bi @hasanthehun Now that I think about it hasanabi is turning into Larry the lobster
@hasanthehun I mean you have to reapply it every 30,40 or 50min that's why the SPF's are called like that. Your own personal skins protection times how long it could be in sun without burning + the SPF number in minutes, after that.. reapply or you burn.
@hasanthehun why are you insinuating sunscreen isn’t real just reapply it
@hasanthehun you're probably not putting enough on or reapplying, this is about the amount for face and neck

With all this in mind, the Amazon-owned platform has its own set of rules and regulations that need to be followed by every streamer out there on Twitch. Violation of any kind can straightaway lead to a ban from the purple platform. To put it simply, the purple platform directly bans hateful conduct, which comes under its rules and guidelines.

However, something worth noting here is that the streamer's popularity and followers count on Twitch do not make any difference in this regard. And that's precisely what happened to HasanAbi back in December 2021.

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