Hitman 3 gets Steam release date

Agent 47 is ready to take down his targets (Image via Epic Games Store)
Agent 47 is ready to take down his targets (Image via Epic Games Store)

In 2022, Hitman 3 will reach its second year of release, and with it, fresh content for players will arrive. Year 2 plans for Hitman 3 were hinted a few days ago, and the new material has now been confirmed and disclosed. IO Interactive, the developer and publisher of the game, just issued a video reveal detailing the game's Year 2 DLC plans.

Many people are expecting that now that Epic Games' exclusivity is coming to an end, this game will eventually be released on Steam. Of course, some fans were genuinely startled to learn that the game will be receiving additional content.

Agent 47 in front of his targets (Image via YouTube)
Agent 47 in front of his targets (Image via YouTube)

Hitman 3, which was launched in January for the Xbox 360, PlayStation, and PC, is the conclusion of the current "World of Assassination" trilogy of Hitman games. It is the first to be launched independently by developer IO Interactive.

HITMAN Trilogy includes all three games from the World of Assassination. Available digitally on January 20 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Epic Games Store. As well as Steam and Xbox Game Pass.Watch the full @HITMAN 3 Year 2 reveal here:…

Hitman 3 Steam Release Date

Developers IO Interactive were pleased to unveil their 2022 intentions during the Hitman 3 Year 2 reveal webcast. The game will be available on this platform on January 20, 2022, with complete support. There will also be a bundle including the whole World of Assassination trilogy. Aside from that, the game will soon be accessible in the Xbox Game Pass collection. Along with the Steam release, IO Interactive revealed a new map dubbed "Rocky."

HITMAN VR comes to PC and we’re supporting the entire World of Assassination trilogy.Watch the full @HITMAN 3 Year 2 reveal now:……

VR Compatibility

Currently, VR is available for the game, but only through PlayStation VR. PC VR support has already been revealed and is set to launch this spring. It's likely that the release window will shift throughout the Year 2 broadcast, but it's hard to predict. Fans of other VR headsets, on the other hand, will be pleased to have the choice.

Agent 47 (Image via
Agent 47 (Image via

Game Modes

IO will update Elusive Target Arcade with a brand new mode called Freelancer. This single-player option provides a variety of storylines for players to complete, each of which consists of a series of missions in which Agent 47 must take down a criminal organization.

Elusive Target Arcade will be released on January 20. According to IO Interactive, it provides new methods to challenge players and create a unique experience. Agent 47's activities have become increasingly tense and dramatic. Gamers will no longer pursue one or two targets, but rather numerous, one after another. Throughout the game's levels, the Elusive Target Arcade adds new objectives and obstacles.

Hitman 3 Steam Freelancer Mode (Image via IO Interactive)
Hitman 3 Steam Freelancer Mode (Image via IO Interactive)

Freelancer, the second new game mode in Year 2, was shown off during the announcement live. Freelancer, a revolutionary new method to play Hitman 3, gives Agent 47 a personalized safe harbour. IO Interactive approached Agent 47's missions in a unique way, inspired by rogue-like games.

In Freelancer, the player will not be given everything. The information is incomplete, and not everything is ready. It will give a variety of experiences, and success will be determined by "talent, intelligence, and originality."

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