Honkai Impact 3rd's collaboration with Genshin Impact brings Fischl and Keqing to Honkaiverse

MiHoYo's Honkai Impact 3rd will be featuring Genshin Impact's Fischl and more in a new crossover (Image via MiHoyo)
MiHoYo's Honkai Impact 3rd will be featuring Genshin Impact's Fischl and more in a new crossover (Image via MiHoyo)
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A few characters from Genshin Impact have made their way to the Honkaiverse with the latest crossover event V4.9 update in Honkai Impact 3rd.

Recently, MiHoYo announced Honkai Impact 3rd's collaboration with Genshin Impact that brought new crossover content to Honkaiverse in the form of characters and outfits. The event characters Fischl and Keqing were one of the attractions due to their fascinating gameplay changes. The collab also brings Boreas, the weekly boss of Genshinverse, to Honkai Impact 3rd.

Genshin Impact's Fischl to be a new character, while Keqing makes a guest appearance in Honkai Impact 3rd

The version 4.9 update to Honkai Impact is live with a ton of new content, with Genshin Impact's crossover content being the most anticipated. The update and collaboration between both MiHoYo operated games were announced a month ago, which eventually became massively discussed topics in both the communities later.

Honkai Impact 3rd V4.9 introduced the collab on the global version of the game featuring Mondstadt's Fischl, a 4-star unit, and Keqing, the 5-star Electro-type character. The publisher, MiHoYo, redesigned the crossover Fischl to be very different from its Genshin Impact version.

Being only the first of her own kind, Honkaiverse' Fischl is meant for weakspot-aiming. It allows players to hit the enemy with significantly increased damage by aiming at their weak spots

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Changes to Genshin Impact's Keqing and Fischl in Honkai Impact 3rd

Apart from changes to Fischl's own appearance and meta, changes to Oz, her companion, can be spotted in Honkai Impact 3rd. The animations, AoE and special effects shown while summoning Oz and his attacking styles have been revamped to give the Honkai Impact 3rd players a completely different experience than the Genshin Impact Fischl.


Keqing, also an Electro unit from Genshin Impact, is appearing for a limited time in Honkai Impact during the crossover update as 'The Guide'. Keqing will only be a limited-time character who will be controllable in pre-defined story battles in Honkai.

The Genshin Impact X Honkai Impact crossover has also introduced a new outfit for Theresa, that Genshin Impact players are very familiar with. Theresa's outfit completely resembles Klee's costume from Genshin Impact.

Addressing these changes, MiHoYo uploaded the 'Behind the scenes' video on the official channel. Players can watch the video in the following attachment.


Genshin Impact's weekWhile MiHoYo continues to bring such exciting content to both Honkai Impact and Genshin Impact, fans can follow their social media to stay updated with the latest announcements, contests, and community events.

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