Honkai Impact 3rd vs Punishing Gray Raven: Which game should you play on your phone in 2023

Honkai Impact 3rd vs. Punishing Gray Raven (Image via Guangzhou Kuro Technology Co., Ltd., and miHoYo)
Honkai Impact 3rd vs. Punishing Gray Raven (Image via Guangzhou Kuro Technology Co., Ltd., and miHoYo)

Mobile gamers, especially RPGs and gacha game enthusiasts, are currently having a hard time choosing between Honkai Impact 3rd and Punishing Gray Raven. Both action RPG juggernauts are incredibly engaging and boast similar gameplay mechanics. However, at the same time, there are plenty of unique features to discern between the two.

For starters, Honkai Impact 3rd was launched in 2016. Having been in the market for a while, this role-playing game (RPG) has already created an established playerbase with its immersive, fluid combat gameplay and incredible storytelling. Punishing Gray Raven, on the other hand, is relatively new. Since being released in 2021, this game’s sole focus has been a unique upgrade system combined with fast-paced action gameplay. Both have amazing character designs, with each character having its own unique characteristics to win the game.

So, here is a comparative study of these two to make it easier for gamers to choose which one they should try on their mobile devices in 2023. This article compares the different aspects of these two games, like gameplay, characters, and more. Read them carefully and choose the one you want to play accordingly.

Honkai Impact 3rd vs. Punishing Gray Raven: Comparing different aspects

Honkai Impact 3rd vs. Punishing Gray Raven: Gameplay


The gameplay of Honkai Impact 3rd is fluid and allows players to swap between different in-game characters in the middle of a fight. They can perform different combos to cause severe damage to their enemies. Honkai Impact is a traditional RPG title with a leveling system, more immersive gameplay, and an amazing collection of characters.

However, the combat style of Punishing Gray Raven is mostly based on the timing and precision of the attacks. Players must be completely focused to dodge the parry attacks in the engaging gameplay. Dodging attacks on their enemies will help create openings for strikes. Punishing Gray Raven, unlike Honkai Impact 3rd, features some amazing memory fragments to upgrade the skills and abilities of the characters.

Honkai Impact 3rd vs. Punishing Gray Raven: Storyline and Characters


When it comes to storytelling, Honkai Impact 3rd scores the goal. This game has a complex storyline and a wide range of well-developed characters. However, Punishing Gray Ravens is not a game for story lovers. It has a pretty basic narrative and compensates for that with more action.

Now, to compare the different characters in the game, Honkai Impact 3rd features a range of characters who master different skills and have special abilities. However, what attracts players the most is that each character has their own backstory that perfectly syncs with the game's storyline.

Punishing Gray Raven also has a diverse range of characters. However, this game focuses more on character designs than character development. You can check out the tier list of Punishing Gray Raven characters here.

Honkai Impact 3rd vs. Punishing Gray Raven: Graphics and visuals


While it is about graphics and visuals, both Honkai Impact 3rd and Punishing Gray Raven have impressive and eye-catching designs. The former has been praised on multiple occasions for its stunning graphics, while the latter is more celebrated for its darker theme and futuristic aesthetics.

Honkai Impact 3rd features a detailed environment and offers special effects to make the gameplay even more engaging. The constant new updates also make it an unforgettable experience for the players. Fluid animation and combat mechanisms add more to the overall visual experience. Overall, the game has immersive graphics that always keeps one on the edge of their seat.

Punishing Gray Raven, however, boasts an amazing environment and characters that look sleek and stylish. The game has visually appealing combat sequences and dynamic graphics.

Honkai Impact 3rd vs. Punishing Gray Raven: Progression System


Both games have a unique and effective progression system that allows players to customize their gameplay experiences. Honkai Impact follows a traditional RPG leveling system that helps one earn exp points, which will help them level up their characters and unlock new abilities. Players can also improve their weapons to improve their abilities. They can also collect different "Valkyries" to enhance the overall gameplay experience.

Punishing Gray Raven follows a “Memory Fragments” system to upgrade in-game characters and abilities. Players will have to complete different missions to earn new fragments, which in turn will help them upgrade their characters, improve their combat abilities, and unlock new moves.

Players can unlock some rare characters in the game by completing special events or spending in-game currencies.

Honkai Impact 3rd vs. Punishing Gray Raven: Multiplayer Options


Both titles have taken different approaches to multiplayer options. Multiplayer in Honkai Impact title allows one to team up with players worldwide in real-time across various multiplayer modes. Gamers can team up in battles and co-op raids in the game.

Some in-game challenges are really hard for solo players to complete. These challenges become easier when they team up with friends. The global rankings also tempt gamers to play in multiplayer modes.

Punishing Gray Raven, on the other hand, does not have a traditional multiplayer mode. This might dishearten some fans of the genre. However, PGR focuses on building a community around the game. It allows players to send and accept friend requests, join clans with others worldwide and share resources. This unique multiplayer approach makes the game stand out in the genre.

In conclusion, it is evident that both Honkai Impact 3rd and Punishing Gray Raven, despite being similar in some aspects, are very different from each other. Both games are unique in their own way and are bound to have a specific target audience.

For example, players looking for a complex storyline with impressive graphics and different multiplayer modes will opt for Honkai Impact. Punishing Gray Raven will attract those who seek darker-themed gameplay with futuristic aesthetics. As the choice ultimately comes down to personal preferences, players should try both games and have their pick.