Honkai Star Rail Firefly teams guide: Best F2P, Hypercarry, and MoC comps

Best firefly team honkai Star rail
SAM aka Firefly have entered the grand stage of playable roster (Image via Hoyoverse)

Owning the best Firefly teams in Honkai Star Rail allows you to set your enemies ablaze. The 4th Stellaron Hunter and one of the most cherished characters by the community finally makes her grand entrance to the game's playable roster as the curtain falls on the Grand Stage of Penacony. You can obtain her from Firefly's ongoing banner in Honkai Star Rail.

Stellaron Hunter SAM is an excellent DPS unit and you have used your precious Stellar Jades to obtain her. Now you'd like to know about the best Firefly teams in Honkai Star Rail to maximize her damage.

This article will suggest some of the best team compositions you can create for Firefly for her to obliterate enemies and help you get faster clears.

The best Firefly teams in Honkai Star Rail

The best Firefly team members in Honkai Star Rail (Image via Hoyoverse)
The best Firefly team members in Honkai Star Rail (Image via Hoyoverse)

Firefly brings one of the most unique playstyles to the table, where she deals break damage similar to Boothill in Honkai Star Rail. To create a squad around her, you will want to stick to characters who can buff your Break Damage potential mainly and quickly take out enemy toughness.

There are quite a few characters in the game who will be a great pairing for her and some potential characters who will be discussed later. Now let's review the best Firefly team setup that will be essential to clear Memory of Chaos or MoC and the best team overall.

  • Firefly, Ruan Mei, Harmony Trailblazer, Gallagher

This will be undoubtedly the top squad team composition to maximize Firefly's damage. Currently, there are only two Break-centric supports in the game, one being Ruan Mei and the other being Harmony Trailblazer. Both are her best teammates thanks to their ability to boost Break Effect. Gallagher on the other hand will be the best sustain unit and help with taking out enemy toughness with his attacks.

The Best Firefly team composition for Pure Fiction will be a tad bit different but can work the same way.

  • Firefly, Ruan Mei/ Harmony Trailblazer, Herta/ Himeko, Gallagher

Himeko or Herta will take the role of a secondary damage dealer but remember to check enemy weakness and make your choice before starting the challenge.

One of the best Hypercarry team compositions with Firefly that you can create is slotting in Pela to the mix. This will also be her best free-to-play or F2P squad setup.

  • Firefly, Pela, Harmony Trailblazer, Gallagher

Firefly can inflict Fire weakness on enemies, and for this reason, Pela will become the better option than Silver Wolf. Harmony Trailblazer can be unlocked for free from the new Honkai Star Rail 2.3 event tab even if you do not complete the Penacony Trailblaze Mission. Gallagher will be available in both Firefly and Ruan Mei's banners and can be selected for free from the main patch event.

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Edited by Aatreyee Aich
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