Honkai Star Rail Forgotten Hall guide: How to unlock, best tips and tricks, and more

Clearing Forgotten Hall can get plenty of valuable items in Honkai Star Rail (Image via MiHoYo)
Clearing Forgotten Hall can get plenty of valuable items in Honkai Star Rail (Image via MiHoYo)

The Forgotten Hall in Honkai Star Rail is one of the few endgame contents that allows you to earn various rewards. This ranges from Stellar Jades to credits that help you level up your characters. While the mode is locked when a player starts the game, unlocking it doesn’t take long. Although there isn’t much you’ll need to do to gain access, the hardest task will be to maximize the rewards you get from it.

In simpler words, the Forgotten Hall represents a dungeon-type challenge in Honkai Star Rail. Like the Simulated Universe, it allows players to grind with different strategies to obtain rewards. Knowing your tactics will be necessary here, as each cycle can be cleared with up to three stars. While getting all three stars isn’t required, they will influence your final rewards.

Clearing Forgotten Hall can get plenty of valuable items in Honkai Star Rail

The Forgotten Hall has two different parts – Memory and Memory of Chaos. The first one has 15 stages, and they do not change. You’ll have to clear these stages with a squad of four characters. Once cleared, you can then access the Memory of Chaos stages. There are ten stages here, which switch after every few weeks.


How to unlock it?

The prime task is to grow your Trailblazer to Level 21 immediately. This will then automatically unlock the game mode in the discussion. You can access it directly from within the Astral Express, where Pom Pom, Himeko, and others are located.

You’ll notice a Mirror located around one of the corners, which is the entry point to the dimension.

How to win?

The basic gameplay is the same irrespective of whether you’re playing Memory or Memory of Chaos.

  • You choose your squad of four/eight characters based on your playing mode.
  • You receive a buff at the start of each cycle.
  • Any heal and buffs from the talents of your characters are allowed.
  • The inventory is locked.
  • You’ll have to clear all the fights to clear a stage. If you die, you’ll have to retry the stage from the very beginning.

There are three objectives associated with each stage. One involves clearing the stage without having any character die. The remaining two stipulate a finite number of cycles before which you must kill all enemies in Honkai Star Rail.

You will get one insignia for every completed objective, three adding up to 200 Stellar Jades and 20,000 credits.

It’s worth noting that the earlier stages in Forgotten Hall will be easy to clear in Honkai Star Rail. The latter becomes progressively more complicated, requiring your characters to be at level 65 to complete Stage 15. This is only the Memory stage, and Memory of Chaos gets more complicated.

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