How 186 endings of Supermassive's The Quarry set it up to be one of the biggest narrative-driven horror releases yet

Players will take control of a cast of horror movie characters in the game (Image via PlayStation Store)
Players will take control of a cast of horror movie characters in the game (Image via PlayStation Store)

The Quarry is a teen horror game involving nine camp counselors who spend their final night in Hackett's Quarry in Upstate New York. Players will take control of a cast of horror movie characters in The Quarry.

The nine counselors are under the power of the players, who must make cautious judgments because each action has the potential to impact the outcome of each character.

Supermassive Games sprang to prominence with their story-driven horror game Until Dawn, which was an instant hit among horror game enthusiasts. When it comes to The Quarry and its diverging narrative routes, there are so many factors to consider that the game is said to have approximately 186 endings in total.

According to reports, Supermassive Games' new horror game The Quarry will have around 186 endings


The Quarry, according to Will Byles, offers 186 possible endings based on the decisions players make throughout the game. This doesn't imply that any of those endings will be dramatically different from the others. Instead, there is a good chance that only minor distinctions exist across various conclusions. However, because all nine of The Quarry's primary protagonists can die, there should be plenty of diversity in the endings.

According to Byles, the game's screenplay is over 1,000 pages long, which is around 10 times longer than most TV and film productions, so there will be plenty of different story options. In theory, the game appears to be taking Until Dawn's branching tales to new heights, but fans will have to wait and see how it plays out in actuality.

David Arquette, Ariel Winter, Justice Smith, Brenda Song, Halston Sage, Siobhan Williams, Skylar Gisondo, Evan Evagora, Miles Robbins, Ted Raimi, Lance Henriksen, Lin Sage, Grace Zabriskie, and Ethan Suplee are among the famous cast members of the game.


Multiplayer and online modes are other noteworthy features. Different players can take control of each of the nine available characters and participate along with the plot in the game's co-op mode.

Other players can watch the gameplay in online mode and vote on whatever judgments the player makes. According to Byles, allowing people to play together would be a critical component for Supermassive Games, particularly considering the massive success of Until Dawn.

The game will be released for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC on June 10, 2022. Despite the fact that the game will be released in June, Supermassive has plans to release The Dark Pictures: The Devil in Me later in 2022.

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