5 best horror-shooter games to play in 2022

Horror has become one of the most successful video game genres (Image via - Days Gone, World War Z and Metro Exodus)
Horror has become one of the most successful video game genres (Image via - Days Gone, World War Z and Metro Exodus)

At first glance, horror shooters appear to be an absurd idea. Being afraid of something while possessing a large arsenal of weaponry does not make sense.

However, games frequently come up with inventive methods to demonstrate this combination. One of the most essential was a game that has since fallen out of favor, yet the genre would not exist without it.

It's no wonder that thousands of horror titles are launched every year, given the continued success of horror series like Resident Evil and Outlast. Horror has become one of the most successful video game genres due to the emergence of streaming and the plethora of independent games.

Here are the five best horror-shooter games to play in 2022

5) The Evil Within 2

  • Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
  • Platforms: PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One

After The Evil Within, Sebastian Castellanos felt his torment was over, but his journey inside consciousness was just the beginning. Things will only worsen for the fatigued officer in The Evil Within 2.

The game is a survival horror title, similar to its predecessor. The player takes control of investigator Sebastian Castellanos, who must fall into the realm of the Union to save his daughter, Lily, in this third-person viewpoint game.

There are three difficulty settings: Casual, which is suggested by developer Shinji Mikami, Survival, and Nightmare, which is intended for gamers who appreciate the game's recent complexity curve.

Players can actively engage in combat with enemies using weapons such as firearms or employ stealth to avoid detection or slip behind enemies to kill them discreetly.

4) World War Z

  • Publishers: Saber Interactive, H2 Interactive
  • Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows

World War Z isn't very impressive in and of itself, but if players want to shoot down hundreds, if not thousands, of zombies with many friends or strangers, there's no better game.

The game is a four-player cooperative third-person shooter set in seven settings, including New York, Jerusalem, Moscow, Tokyo, Marseille, Rome, and Kamchatka. The game can handle up to 1,000 opponents on-screen at once, and they may climb on top of each other to reach higher-level players.

Players can gather various things on the battlefield, but their placements are procedurally determined. In addition to fighting zombies, players must perform other missions in each area, such as escorting survivors.

3) Days Gone

  • Publishers: Sony Interactive Entertainment, PlayStation PC LLC
  • Platforms: PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows

Freakers are a peculiar type of zombie. They're simple to kill, but they're also quite lethal. Taking on numerous needs many strategies, especially if they've taken over a whole town as they did in Days Gone.

They may create massive swarms, similar to those in World War Z, that aren't hard to defeat, but the player should have a lot of extra ammo or a plan B.

The anxiety of confronting a Freaker nest never goes away, even after the player gets all of Deacon's upgrades and weaponry. When dealing with hibernating Freakers in a giant lair, stealth is crucial. If the player is not careful, even one Freaker is enough to kill them.

2) Metro Exodus

  • Publishers: Koch Media, Deep Silver
  • Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Stadia, Luna, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Linux, macOS

The Metro series is one of the most fantastic horror first-person shooter games ever created. The original two games in the series are known for their challenging gameplay, terrifying encounters, and eerie atmosphere, which players will remember long after they complete this game.

Metro Exodus is a first-person shooter that includes survival horror and stealth themes. Players must deal with new risks and engage in the fight against mutant monsters and hostile people in this post-apocalyptic wasteland of the former Russian Federation and the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The player is armed with a collection of handcrafted weapons that may be customized using scavenged materials and a crafting system.

1) Dead Space

  • Publishers: Electronic Arts, ak tronic Software & Services GmbH
  • Platforms: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows

Dead Space is one of the most terrifying and horrific sci-fi horror games ever made, and it is regarded as a classic in the genre. Isaac Clark, the protagonist, is a space engineer who is part of a crew sent out to repair a broken mining ship. However, as they arrive, they quickly find the horrors that await them within.

Although the full-fledged remake, handled by EA's Motive Studios, has just been revealed, the original game still stands out and is worth playing. Dead Space 2 and 3 is an excellent sequel that ups the ante in action.

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