How to access the pre-order and Champions Edition bonuses in F1 23?

The cover of F1 23 Champions Edition (Image via Electronic Arts)
The cover of F1 23 Champions Edition (Image via Electronic Arts)

F1 23 was officially released on 16th June and is shaping up to be one of the best racing games released in a while. Those who pre-ordered the standard or Champions Edition of the game can claim certain special rewards or bonuses. These bonuses will give you a head start compared to the standard edition and make the gameplay experience much more fun.

It is relatively easy to claim the bonuses in F1 23 with these special game editions. This article will tell you about these rewards and how to claim them.

How to access the pre-order bonuses in F1 23?

A still from F1 23 (Image via Electronic Arts)
A still from F1 23 (Image via Electronic Arts)

If you did manage to pre-order a copy of F1 23 before its official release, these are the rewards you will get :

  • F1 World Starter Pack
  • 5.000 PitCoins

The F1 World Starter Pack will be available for you to use in the F1 World game mode, while the PitCoins are the in-game currency you can spend in the store. These PitCoins should automatically be available in your in-game wallet.

How to access the Champions Edition bonuses?


Those who pre-ordered the Champions Edition will receive the following items in-game :

  • F1 World Bumper Pack
  • 18.000 PitCoins
  • Seven days XP boost
  • F1 23 Las Vegas Pack (if ordered before 31st May 2023)
  • Add on drivers in Braking Point 2, such as Devon Butler and Aiden Jackson
  • Braking Point 2 items such as racing suits, helmets, and a Konnersport livery
  • Exclusive items designed by Max Verstappen, such as a car livery, helmet, and gloves
  • Dual entitlement ( Free upgrade of the game to next-gen consoles if required)

These items will be automatically available in their respective game modes, and no specific methods are needed to claim them.

What is the Las Vegas Content Pack?

If you pre-ordered the Champions Edition of the game before 31st May 2023, you will receive a special limited-time bonus pack. The Las Vegas Pack contains special items you can use to change your car's appearance, such as exclusive Las Vegas-themed car liveries.

The Las Vegas Pack also contains other exclusive items that you can use for further customization, such as helmets, racing gloves, and uniforms.

Are there any returning player rewards?

If you have played any previous F1 titles, you will be eligible for certain rewards that can be claimed in-game. These rewards can be claimed by going to the mail tab on the top-right of the main menu.

These returning player rewards include :

  • 50 insight points
  • 5000 cash
  • An Audi launch car livery

F1 23 was officially released on 16th June and is available to download now on the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC.

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