F1 23 best controller settings for PC, PS5, and Xbox

Best F1 23 controller settings for PC, PS5, and Xbox (Image via Codemasters)
Best F1 23 controller settings for PC, PS5, and Xbox (Image via Codemasters)

Racing with a controller in F1 23 is a fantastic experience. However, you can improve it even more by using the best controller settings. Although there are plenty of advantages to using a physical wheel, you can still be incredibly fast on a controller. The best controller settings will enable you to drive cars with more accuracy and control, regardless of your skill level.


This article lists the best F1 23 controller settings for PC, PS5, and Xbox.

The best controller settings for F1 23: Control settings, calibration, and more

These controller settings are useful, regardless of whether you are a first-time or returning player. Moreover, if you have played the previous game, your old controller setup may not work properly in F1 23.

Generic Settings

  • MD Car Setup Panel: Default
  • Trigger Vibration: On
  • Overtake ERS Mode: Toggle
  • Adaptive Triggers: Medium

Control Settings

Select your controller and choose Edit to see all the button mappings. It's recommended to just keep the standard button mapping. However, you can tweak some settings that will be very valuable for you in F1 23.

  • Unbind the Look Forward, Back, Left, and Right buttons.
  • Bind the Look Back button with something you're comfortable with to look back while racing.
  • Brake Bias Increase: R →
  • Brake Bias Decrease: R ←
  • Differential Increase: R ↑
  • Differential Decrease: R ↓


You have to calibrate the controller to get the maximum performance. The game brings improved traction and a new Precision Drive Technology that makes driving easier for controller users.

If you find yourself struggling with traction, braking, or steering, then make adjustments to these calibration options.

  • Steering Rate: 100% (lower down to 90-95% if you're struggling with the control)
  • Steering Deadzone: 0
  • Steering Linearity: 30
  • Steering Saturation: 0
  • Throttle Deadzone: 0
  • Throttle Linearity: 20 (adjust to your personal preference)
  • Throttle Saturation: 0
  • Brake Deadzone: 0
  • Brake Linearity: 30
  • Brake Saturation: 0

Vibration & Force Feedback

  • Vibration & Force Feedback: On
  • Vibration & Force Feedback Strength: 70
  • On Track Effects: 20
  • Rumble Strip Effects: 0
  • Off Track Effects: 2
  • Wheel Damper: 10
  • Maximum Wheel Rotation (F1 & F2): 280
  • Maximum Wheel Rotation (Supercars): 900

After applying all these settings, you'll be able to match or even beat wheel users in no time. The new precision drive technology in F1 23 should also help you stay more methodical on the track.

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