How to achieve the Faster Chef Commendation in Sea of Thieves

Adventure and cuisine on the high seas (Image via Rare)
Adventure and cuisine on the high seas (Image via Rare)

Sea of Thieves has unleashed a ton of great new content in season 6, making it a thrilling game years after its release. Along with all the new things to do, come new Commendations to earn for players' accomplishments.

The Faster Chef Commendation pays the player with ten Bilge Rat Doubloons, which go towards cosmetics and skins. While the task is fairly easy, it only works thanks to one of the new events introduced in season 6.

The Faster Chef Commendation in Sea of Thieves

Players are excited about this new arrival (image via Sea Of Thieves)
Players are excited about this new arrival (image via Sea Of Thieves)

The Faster Chef Commendation requires players to cook a meal on all four pans of a Sea Fort at the same time. Sea of Thieves players are free to use the amenities of Sea Forts after they've cleared all the phantoms out.

In order to take on this Commendation, players must find one of the six Sea Forts and attack it. Ensure the Fort has lights on and flags flying, because if it doesn't, it's already under the control of another crew.

Approach the Sea Fort and fight the waves of phantoms within. The boss of the area will be a Captain, who must be defeated to claim the area. Once the enemies are dead, players can claim loot, rest in bunks, and cook on the local stoves.

To claim the Commendation, simply throw some food on each of the four pans and let them cook. An entire crew can earn this commendation one by one after claiming the Sea Fort.

Cooking in Sea of Thieves

In between all the plunder and piracy, Sea of Thieves still requires players to feed themselves. Cooking is a great way to ensure players get the most out of the food that they find.

Players can tend to meat, fish, or bait while it's cooking to ensure it attains the best state and doesn't burn. Well-cooked meat will offer the maximum healing benefit, while burnt meat will only heal slightly.

Leaving meat burning for more than a few minutes will start a fire, which can be catastrophic. While setting fire to a fort that they've just captured is a very pirate-like thing to do, it will vanish as soon as players leave the area.

There are many more Commendations that players can earn from cooking. Players can earn a variety of rewards from cooking excellent dishes and selling them off. The Faster Chef Commendation is an easy way to make the most of a captured fort and earn a few Doubloons along the way.