How to defeat the Phantoms in Sea of Thieves

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Image Via Microsoft

New enemies were added to Sea of Thieves through the Season 3 update, and one of them happens to be Phantoms. Players who have faced ghost ships are no strangers to the kind of threat that Phantoms bring, but fighting them on land is entirely new.

Season 3 in Sea of Thieves marks the major crossover event between Pirates of the Caribbean and the sandbox pirate game. Labeled as A Pirate's Life, the event brings Captain Jack Sparrow and other characters for a limited time. However, new enemies like the Sirens and the Phantoms are going to stay in Sea of Thieves for the foreseeable future.

That means players need to get used to the new enemy and should certainly watch out for where they may attack. What separates Phantoms from enemies like Ghost Ships is the location where players will find them. Phantoms can be found on land all around the map in Sea of Thieves and that makes them potentially more dangerous for many players.

However, as long as players know what moves to look out for and what weapons to use, the Phantoms won't pose too much of a threat.

Phantom attacks and the best way to deal with the new Sea of Thieves enemy


Players have been used to fighting skeletons in Sea of Thieves since the release, but they shouldn't let that confuse them with Phantoms. Skeletons go down much faster and don't have the speed and attacks that Phantoms have.

In general, Phantoms act very similar to how a player acts, which makes sense considering they are just ghost pirates. One of the main abilities will be their teleport, which allows them to move quickly in a fight. Teleports will happen frequently and are usually followed up by an attack.

The player's best option against the Phantom in Sea of Thieves is a sword, and it should be used throughout the fight. When there is an opening, players should bombard the phantoms with a slew of sword swings. There won't be a health indicator, so players simply need to attack until the phantoms disappear in a puff.

Phantoms themselves can use two different kinds of attacks, which are sword or gun based. Depending on the range of the enemy, the phantom will change up if it shoots or swings. Firearms won't really work against phantoms themselves, so the sword is the only option.

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