Should you play Sea of Thieves in 2022?

Is it worth playing Sea of Thieves in 2022? (Image via Sea of Thieves)
Is it worth playing Sea of Thieves in 2022? (Image via Sea of Thieves)

Sea of Thieves has established itself as a unique game in a field that has seen many tyrants earlier. A pirate game at its core, Sea of Thieves, has built a cult following since its release among fans.

While games are restricted by the amount of freedom provided to players, that has never been the case here. Developed by Rare Limited and published by Microsoft Studios, Sea of Thieves was released for Xbox One.

Since then, the game has arrived on the next-generation consoles of Microsoft and Windows. Although it's about to reach its fourth year in circulation, the game is bigger than ever and is a sandbox in certain senses. There are missions to do and many lands to explore, but are they worth the time in 2022?

Sea of Thieves is as close to one can come to being a pirate

Sea of Thieves may not be a pirate simulator, but that's for the better. The game manages to keep the joy and fun of the pirate life without the difficulties. The biggest strength is probably its biggest weakness, which depends on the player's perspective.

Sea of Thieves is a true sandbox

There are a few missions and quests here and there, but those act as expanded tutorials at best. The game does very little hand-holding, and players can play the game however they want to. This is perfect for many Sea of Thieves players since it lets every individual play the game how they want it to.


However, this is a deterrent for players who have been looking for a Pirates of the Caribbean type recreation.

Regular events


Like many live service games, Sea of Thieves has regular events which vary in their objectives and rewards. A common example is an event requiring every Sea of Thieves player to kill a certain number of skeletons. It helps to keep the game fresh and enjoyable for the players.


Sea of Thieves has something for both as the game, primarily PVE, has PVP elements. Running into rival pirates is not uncommon while riding the waters, and it can also lead to intense battles.

There have been demands by certain Sea of Thieves players to make separate servers for the two, but overall, the game satisfies the cravings of lovers of PVE and PVP.

Endless replayability

There is no limit once a pirate reaches the top echelon in Sea of Thieves. Given it's a sandbox, there is no actual end game which means players can get their money's worth. With plenty of events, Sea of Thieves players can continue to play the game as long as they want.

Is Sea of Thieves worth playing in 2022?

Sea of Thieves is not without low points like any other video game. However, it shines through entirely in the areas where it shines. A major achievement of the game has been managing the balance between fun and being challenging.

As long as a player has friends to play with, Sea of Thieves is an incredibly fun game to play in 2022. The game frequently goes on sale and is also available to all the owners of Xbox Game Pass. Sea of Thieves very much stays relevant in 2022, and it works well for a player who has to play alone. But the game reaches its potential when played with friends.

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