How to achieve the Master Burglar Commendation in Sea of Thieves

Get rewarded for finding treasure (Image via Rare)
Get rewarded for finding treasure (Image via Rare)

Sea of Thieves has introduced a ton of great new content in the season six update, keeping the game fresh for a shockingly long time. Along with new content, comes new Commendations and chances for rewards.

The Master Burglar Commendation comes alongside the new season six feature, Sea Forts. The player will earn a few Doubloons, along with a possible vanity title, for this simple task.

The Master Burglar Commendation in Sea of Thieves

To earn the Master Burglar Commendation, players must discover secret treasures stashed throughout the Sea Fort. In order to do this, Sea of Thieves players will probably have to deal with all the phantoms that live there.

Players must first find one of the six new Sea Forts out on the high seas. Keep an eye out if one appears because the lights should be shining and the flag should be raised. If the flag is down and the lights are out, another crew has likely laid claim to the land, and they're likely to open fire quick.

Once players have approached the Sea Fort, they'll have to defeat waves of phantoms and a boss fight with a Captain. After defeating them, players have the run of the fort and are free to pillage.

Dig through every nook and cranny of the Sea Fort, there's a lot more hidden loot than in most other locations. Open cabinets, check crates and dig through every area that is accessible.

Trinkets, gems, Bounty Skulls, and anything besides Gold Pouches will count towards the Commendation. Master Burglar has five Grades, each of which requires more treasures. Five for grade one, fifteen for grade two, twenty-five for grade three, fifty for grade four, and one-hundred for grade five.

Commendations in Sea of Thieves

Sunshine Parrot Set (image via Sea of Thieves)
Sunshine Parrot Set (image via Sea of Thieves)

The Master Burglar Commendation is one of ten new challenges added to the game in season six. Players will be rewarded with Doubloons and with new titles to increase their reputation. The Sea Fort system is a quick rush of gameplay packed with new challenges and rewards.

Doubloons are key to purchasing aesthetic items and new skins for characters. The new titles, like the one awarded by the Master Burglar Commendation, add unique details to players.

Sea of Thieves allows its players to undertake a little extra challenge in order to stand out. The Master Burglar Commendation allows players to earn that reward for the simple joy of acquiring more loot.

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