How Sea Forts work in Sea of Thieves

Enter the phantom-fighting challenge (Image via Rare)
Enter the phantom-fighting challenge (Image via Rare)

Sea of Thieves has remained an exciting high-seas adventure almost four years after its release. Released on March 10, Season 6 has introduced a new form of challenge to gain treasure and test skills.

The game's new update introduces Sea Forts and, later, a Pirate Legend Voyage. These were both shown off in a fun and interesting trailer earlier this month. Both offer new challenges, new ranks, and new opportunities for loot.

Sea Forts in Sea of Thieves


Sea of Thieves has introduced six Sea Forts, which sit out in the middle of the ocean and await pirates to plunder them. Simply approach one of the large structures, and if it has a raised flag and lights, brace for enemy encounters.

The Sea Forts are guarded by waves of phantoms who will immediately start attacking the player's ship. Battle through ghostly foes to enter and explore the fort.

The area is packed with phantoms but also loaded down with hidden treasures. After fighting through waves of phantoms, players will have to face a Captain as a final boss. He will also be accompanied by several phantoms, making it a more difficult encounter.

The Sea Forts are designed to be short rushes of combat, surrounded by tons of hidden and exposed treasure. There are a lot more cabinets and crates than the average fortress, so be sure to examine every nook and cranny.

Once the crew has claimed a Sea Fort, it's theirs to defend. They'll find supplies, equipment, and even a map to plan out their next adventure. The fort will not be reinvaded by phantoms until all crews have left.

Why should Sea of Thieves players take Sea Forts?

Sea of Thieves Season Six has arrived...🏰 Sea Forts🟣 New Pirate Legend Voyage (arriving later in Season Six)💯 100 Levels of Rewards🏆 Sea Fort Commendations and Achievements📔 New Emissary Ledger Rewards🏴‍☠️ Emporium Refresh☠ And More:

Sea of Thieves players love a challenge and the chance to plunder, so this adventure is their reward. However, it also comes complete with new commendations and accolades.

There are over a hundred Bilge Rat Dubloons up for grabs in the Sea Fort challenge. From defeating enemies of all six forts to sharing a bunk bed with another pirate, there are many new achievements to earn.

The final commendation was given out for successfully hitting another pirate crew with the fort's cannons. Pirates are free to make their home in the Sea Fort, at least for a while.

Forts claimed by other players won't fly the flags or shine the lights of the unoccupied ones, so players will know what they're getting into. But firing upon newcomers or dueling them to death can be a lot of fun.

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