How big is the map in Dying Light 2: Stay Human?

Plenty of area to parkour in-game (Image via Techland)
Plenty of area to parkour in-game (Image via Techland)

Dying Light had a sizable map, and Dying Light 2: Stay Human aims to double that. Lead Game Designer, Tymon Smektała, revealed a comparison in the studio’s first episode of Ask Me Anything:

“If you have played the first game, I think it will be easy for you to imagine how big the map will be. You just take the slums, you take the old town, you combine them, and you double the number, and that’s roughly the size of the game space in Dying Light 2″

Dying Light 2: Stay Human measured to be nearly seven square kilometers in size, says developer


Tymon Smektała didn’t stop there with the comparisons. He was gracious enough to give a close estimate as well:

“If you want to know the number, it’s more than six square km big. Almost seven square km.”

Six to seven square kilometers is already a large space to begin with. To put that into perspective using a real life example, Caldey Island is 2.18 square kilometers big. Multiply that by three and you have a close estimate as to how big the playable area in Dying Light 2: Stay Human is.


For a video game reference, the map of Skyrim is 37.1 square kilometers, about five times bigger than Dying Light 2's map. While that may sound small, don’t forget that the spirit of the game is rooted in parkour. The amount of space players can traverse vertically, via buildings and landmarks, increases the play area exponentially.


Smektala echoed that sentiment with a follow-up statement:

“But that’s a simple answer which doesn’t take into account the verticality of the world. So just imagine there are hundreds of buildings, and each one of them has at least a couple of floors. There are even Skyscrapers, there are roofs, bridges, all of that stuff. So you can imagine how big the actual space you’ll be playing in is.”

With that in mind, players can expect to travel several kilometers over a single playthrough once Dying Light 2: Stay Human launches. Not to mention getting from point A to point B will feel unique each time. This will certainly make using the grappling hook even more important in the game.

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