How to build and use the Longship in Valheim

(Image via Valheim Game)
(Image via Valheim Game)

Longships in Valheim are some of the best modes of transportation players can get their hands on, and they're worth every resource. But building them also takes a bit of effort before players can sail as a Viking.

As the chosen vessel of the Vikings, it's no wonder that the Longship is one of the best options in Valheim. They carried the Vikings across the Atlantic Ocean, and they can carry players through the tenth realm as well.

First and foremost, they offer some of the best support as a cargo ship for both items and other players. There are four seats in the longship, along with the captain or pilot's seat. A more enticing feature is the extra space that the ship will give players on their adventures. 18 slots are afforded to the longship and Valheim, and at the moment, there doesn't seem to be any weight limitations in those slots.

Of course, to use the longship, players first need to gather all of the materials and build it. It will require a lot of quantity in resources which is set as the following:

Longship materials list:

  • 100 Nails
  • 10 Deer Hide
  • 40 Fine Wood
  • 40 Ancient Bark

With the materials in hand, it's time to build the Valheim longship. Like almost anything else in the game, players need a workbench to craft the ship first, which should usually be under a roof at camp. When crafting is done, players can simply place the ship in the water within the same crafting menu.

How to sail the longship in Valheim

Now that the player has their own Viking longship in Valheim, they'll surely want to sail it through the realm. The first step is to simply go over to the rudder until the promp to hit E appears, and follow the prompt which will give control.

From there, players need to determine which way the wind is blowing and face the front of the ship in that direction. With the longship facing the wind, it's time to unfrul the sails to increase speed by pressing W a few times to indicate what the speed of the ship is.

Once the Valheim longship has enough speed, players can simply that the wind pull the ship along the water and players can leave the rudder for the time being. For other keys, use S to slow down along with A and D to change direction. With that in mind, players just need to manage the ship in dangerous territory.

Edited by Joey Carr
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