How to catch Chansey in Pokemon GO

Flower Crown Pokemon (Image via Niantic)
Flower Crown Pokemon (Image via Niantic)

With the introduction of Flower Crown Chansey, Happiny and Blissey, many players have been wondering how to snag one of these well-dressed medic Pokemon.

Chansey was one of the original Pokemon introduced on Pokemon GO's launch. As a result, many veteran players will likely already have a Blissey of their own or at least know how to grind up the required Chanseys for one.

However, for players who have neither of these Pokemon and want as many festive Chanseys as they can get, here's a little help.

How can players catch Chansey in Pokemon GO?

Chansey (Image via Niantic)
Chansey (Image via Niantic)

Getting a Chansey in Pokemon GO is easier than ever right now. There is currently a near-guaranteed method to obtain a Flower Crown variant Chansey until April 8th at 8:00 PM local time.

To capture 25 Exeggcutes over the course of the Spring into Spring event, the player will need to complete a field research mission that will reward them with a Flower Crown Chansey encounter. Of course, this doesn't guarantee that the player will catch the Chansey, but it is a guaranteed encounter.

Should this encounter be butchered or if the event has already ended by the time this is being read, then the player will need to put in some extra elbow grease to find one. They'll either need to hatch 2km eggs for a truckload of Happinys and get enough candy to evolve one Happiny into a Chansey or they'll need to go on a trip.

Chansey can be commonly found in places that Niantic has designated as a desert biome. Fire, Rock and Ground-type Pokemon are common spawns in these areas, so an abundance of these types of spawns likely means that the player is looking in the right place.

As for catching Chansey once it is located, all the usual tricks work. Players can use a Razz Berry to soften the target Chansey up, then use some sick curve-ball throwing skills to hit the ring and get an 'excellent' for a perfect catch. They could also just chuck Ultra Balls like a fiend and hope that Chansey gets comfy in one and sticks around.

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