How to catch Landorus in Pokemon GO

Image Via Niantic
Image Via Niantic

Landorus is one of the three Legendary Pokemon in the Forces of Nature trio, and he'll be making a return to Pokemon GO with the addition of the Season of Legends. March will be one of the best times to catch one, especially if players haven't obtained one yet.

Season of Legends is based around the theme of Legendary Pokemon and characters from the Pokemon franchise. But of course, the Legendary Pokemon are what takes the prize for importance. In that regard, there's already been a nice roadmap given for what Legendary Pokemon will appear in Pokemon GO for the month of March.

The first Legendary Pokemon appearing will be the Forces of Nature trio, which will include Therian forms for the first time in Pokemon GO. Incarnate forms, which are the versions that look more like humans, have appeared in the game before and there have been different ways to catch them. That includes in raids or as rewards for the Pokemon GO Battle League before the system was revamped.

In March, the same ways may be possible, but the most likely way of catching a Landorus will be through the scheduled raids that will run through the month. Incarnate Form Landorus is the first Legendary available in raids for March, which will take place from March 1 to March 6. After that, the other Forces of Nature will be available, week by week. First the Incarnate forms, then the Therian forms.

However, the Therian Form for Landorus will not show up until April, after the other Therian Forms rotate out of raids.

Catching a Landorus through the Pokemon GO Battle League and winning raids


Landorus raids are the best bet at catching the Legendary Pokemon, but it may not be the only way that players have to rely on. Pokemon GO Battle League rewards may be another way for players to have a shot at encountering and catching Landorus.

The Pokemon GO Battle League received a fairly large revamp last season, and there are now 20 ranks for players to grind through, as well as ranks like Ace and Legend. About every five ranks, the level of rewards, such as Pokemon that players con obtain, gets better.

At rank 20, players in the Pokemon GO Battle League will unlock the ability to encounter Legendary Pokemon that are currently in the raid rotation. So, while it's likely impossible to reach rank 20 before Incarnate Form Landorus leaves the rotation, it may be obtainable by the time the Therian Form shows up. Until then, focus on raids, defeat Landorus, and catch the Legendary.

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