How to change Factions in New World

Image via Amazon Games
Image via Amazon Games
Brandon Moore

Factions play a key rolet in bringing players together for a singular cause in New World.

Many MMORPG games have factions or clans for players to join. These often decide what hub areas you can visit and even what type of character one can create.

In New World, there are three factions. Players can join either the Marauders, Syndicate or Covenant. Each faction has a different standard by which they operate.

New World: How to change Factions

Image via Amazon Games
Image via Amazon Games

Picture these scenarios: You can join the Marauders faction in New World. This is a group of ruthless militant types where strength is the key to living a prosperous and profitable life.

You may join the Syndicate. This New World faction is secretive, using guile and intellect to search for forbidden knowledge. They hope to use this knowledge to usher in a new age of enlightenment.

Lastly, New World players can join the Covenant. This is a fanatical order. They have charged themselves with cleansing the land of heretics and defilers. Their main goal is to restore the holy nature of the world.

Any of these factions can be your home when you reach level 10. But what happens after you join and feel like the faction you chose is not a good fit?

Once you have selected a faction to join in New World, you cannot change it for 120 days. After the time lock has expired, go to Bio on the Character Screen to switch factions.

You can only join companies within a chosen faction. You will represent this faction in PvP wars to control settlements and ensure the server belongs to your side.

The winning faction decides the settlement's development and tax rates while also receiving buffs in the surrounding area. Choose wisely because a four month cooldown is not ideal.

Of course, this may change at any time seeing that New World is in its beta period. Perhaps they will make a purchasable item that lets you change factions or decrease the cooldown by just a bit.

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