How to change in-game name in Halo Infinite

Changing in-game name in Halo Infinite (Image via Halo Infinite)
Changing in-game name in Halo Infinite (Image via Halo Infinite)
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With Halo Infinite’s multiplayer and campaign finally live, veterans of the franchise and players new to the game are having a great time with what 343 Industries were able to bring to the table with their latest title.

While there are a lot of quality-of-life features in Halo Infinite compared to the previous titles, some aspects of it are a bit harder to grasp for newer players, one of the most prominent out of them is changing the in-game name.

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New players struggle a lot with Halo Infinite does not offer a feature in the settings menu to change the IGN. Like most Microsoft exclusives brought to PC and Console via the Xbox Game Pass, the game will only allow players to have their Xbox Gamertag as their in-game name.

Hence, players will be required to change their Gamertag itself to change their names inside the game.

A guide to changing the in-game name in Halo Infinite

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It’s important to note that while players can change their Xbox Gamertag as many times as they want, they can only change it for free for the first time, and subsequent tweaks will be chargeable.

There are primarily two ways that Halo Infinite players will be able to change their Xbox Gamertag, one is via the Xbox app, and the other is by directly visiting their website.

1) Changing Gamertag via Xbox App

Image via Microsoft
Image via Microsoft

Using the first method, players will be required to have their Xbox app installed and updated to the latest version on their system. They will then need to open the app and navigate to the profile icon situated in the top right corner of their screen.

Then click and select “Settings” and then click on Gamertag. Upon doing so, Halo Infinite players will be automatically redirected to the “Change Gamertag” page directly without putting in additional log-in details.

There, players will find a field that will allow them to put in a new Gamertag of their choice. However, players must use a unique Gamertag that is available, otherwise going with a tag that is not unique will make Microsoft automatically add random numbers after it.

Image via Microsoft
Image via Microsoft

Halo Infinite players can check availability by putting in the tag and clicking on the “Check Availability” option.

After that, Microsoft will show a preview of how the tag will appear to different users, so if a player is satisfied with the tag they have made, they can confirm the change by finalizing it through the ‘Change Gamertag” option.


For the changes to reflect in Halo Infinite, players will need to first log out of their Microsoft account and then log back in before launching the game.

2) Changing Gamertag via Microsoft website

Image via Halo Infinite
Image via Halo Infinite

An alternate method that players can employ is by visiting this link and signing into their Microsoft account when prompted. On putting in the correct details, players will be automatically redirected to the “Change Gamertag” page, where they can follow the steps given for the App option.

The method is the same as before, Halo Infinite players will need to fill in the field with the new Gamertag, check for availability and then confirm the change.

Other multiplayer customizations that players can make in Halo Infinite

Image via Halo Infinite
Image via Halo Infinite

For other multiplayer tweaks and customizations, players will be able to do it through Halo Infinite itself.

By going to the Customize settings and selecting the “Spartan ID” options. From there, they will be able to change the following:

  • Nameplate changes to update player cards as many times as possible.
  • Palette changes to tweak armor design and color.
  • Backdrop changes to update the background for the Gamertag and how it will appear to other players.
  • Stance changes to change the Spartan’s pose inside and in the game menu.
  • Voice customizations to change the Spartan’s voice for various callouts.

Edited by Srijan Sen

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