How to change servers in New World

New servers will be added to New World (Image via Amazon Games)
New servers will be added to New World (Image via Amazon Games)

In the past, New World players were simply not allowed to change servers. If they wanted a new server, then they had to make a new character. But with the way the New World launch has gone so far, players will have a chance to change servers.

Before New World came out on how to change servers, most instructions simply let players know it wasn't possible. Once players chose a home, they were stuck there unless they made something new. That was still the case when New World launched, but queue times were incredibly long, causing players to wait for up to thousands of other players in line.

To combat the massive queue times, the New World developers released a tweet announcing that new servers would be added to help with the massive queue lines in the game. Because of the change in servers, the announcement also mentioned that players would be able to transfer their characters to a new server when the implementation happens.

How and when can players change servers in New World?


When new servers are brought into New World, the process will likely be the same as choosing a character and selecting a home. When new servers open, an available option will also be to choose one of the new homes for a New World. In the game, they are called Worlds in the selection screen, and there are a bunch to choose from between five different regions in the world.

As of now, each server can hold 2,000 people at a maximum capacity. There has been no mention of increasing the server capacity, which is one of the reasons the queue times are so long. Once new servers are implemented, players will finally be able to join their friends if they initially weren't able to.

While the announcement for more servers has already been made, there is no official outline for the changes themselves. One of the only metrics was that players could expect the change within the next couple of weeks.

In the meantime, New World players can continue to level up their characters on the server they are on. There are no worries about transferring the character and losing progress once the new servers are added.

Another vital piece of information is whether or not players will be able to change servers to existing ones or exclusively the new additions. But everyone will surely find out in the next week or so of New World.

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