How to change speech bubbles in Honkai Star Rail: In-game chat theme guide

Honkai Star Rail chat theme
Changing chat theme speech bubble in Honkai Star Rail (Image via Honkai Star Rail)

Honkai Star Rail has finally gotten its first very alternate speech bubble apart from the default one. The new customization option is called “Where’s the Rabbit?” and is a feature that players will be able to use after unlocking it in the current Underground Treasure Hunt event. New chat themes were something that the community was looking forward to for quite some time now.

With the latest event, they will finally be able to get their hands on the “Where’s the Rabbit” alternative. However, there has been a fair bit of confusion amongst players as to how they can go about customizing their speech bubbles in the game. While it’s a cosmetic feature that will allow one to customize the appearance of their texts in the chat box, not many are aware of how to implement it.

Hence, today’s Honkai Star Rail guide will go over some of the things you will need to do in order to successfully change your speech bubbles in the title.

Changing chat theme speech bubble in Honkai Star Rail

Speech Bubbles (Image via miHoYo)
Speech Bubbles (Image via miHoYo)

Changing your speech bubble in Honkai Star Rail is not all that complicated and you can go about doing it through the two following methods:

1) Through the Phone Menu

The first method goes through the in-game Phone Menu. You will need to make your way to Messages, where you will be able to spot all the texts that you have received from various characters in the game.

You will need to select the Speech Bubble icon that is located underneath the contacts list, and this will then allow you to change the chat theme to the ones available. As the game currently has only the “Where’s the Rabbit?” theme, you will need to click on that.

2) Through the Friend Chat

The alternate way will be to do it from the Friend Chat option. You will need to open the conversation and then click on the Speech Bubble icon located at the bottom left besides Initiate Chat. You will then get to select Honkai Star Rail’s “Where’s the Rabbit?” theme from here.


How to unlock the “Where’s the Rabbit?” speech bubble theme in Honkai Star Rail

To be able to unlock the “Where’s the Rabbit?” speech bubble theme in Honkai Star Rail, you need to play Ruin 5 of the Underground Treasure Hunt and complete it till level 4 in Surface exploration. It’s not all that difficult to acquire as Deep Exploration is not required to unlock it.

Underground Treasure Hunt is Treasure Mine Event, where you will need to conduct Surface as well as Deep Exploration in five ruins. The event takes place within the Great Mine and Day 5 of the event, which is hosted on August 13, 2023. It unlocks the Ruin 5 stages for both the Surface and Deep Exploration levels.

Once you have gotten your hands on the “Where’s the Rabbit?” theme, you will be able to freely swap in and out with the default theme.